Just like French toast, List of Food you will get in India only

Here is the list of Food you will get in India only

Remember Rani saying these words to Tim- French toast sirf India Mai milta Hai. India is a melting pot of traditions and cultures. One way to witness this diversity is to savour the delicacies from each state. This makes us wonder what could be the dishes that have the pride of only to be served in India.

So, here we made a list of food items jo sirf india mai milti hai

Makki ki roti with Sarson ka saag from Punjab

Slow-cooked mustard leaves, served with cornflour bread and a dollop of white butter, this combination redefines sinful eating.

Litti chokha from Bihar

Wheat balls served with vegetables and topped with oodles of ghee. Litti Chokha is a dish almost synonymous with Bihar.

Khandvi from Gujarat 

Straight from the state of tea-time snacks, khandvi’s flavourful mustard seed tadka is guaranteed to leave your taste buds tingling.

Bajra khichdi from Haryana 

Khichdi varies from state to state in India. Every state has a unique style of making Khichdi which differs from colour to taste.

Bajra khichdi, a rustic twist to the classic khichdi, Haryana’s bajra version is bound to remind you of your grandmother’s house.  

Dhuska from Jharkhand

Deep-fried fritters served with a tangy, aloo tamatar sabzi. This festive speciality from Jharkhand is quintessential comfort food.

Mysore masala dosa from Karnataka 

Served with piping hot sambhar and fresh coconut chutney, Karnataka’s Mysore dosa is truly a dish for every time of the day.

Thalipeeth from Maharashtra 

You can call it Maharashtra’s version of the pancake but not a sweet one. Thalipeeth is made using a mixture of grains and spices. It is high on both nutrition and taste.

Bhutte ki kees from Madhya Pradesh

A portion of popular street food is available in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Bhutte ki kees is spiced up with grated corn and simmered milk. It is a perfect tea-time snack and surprisingly can be easily cooked at home.

Jadoh from Meghalaya 

Fine pork meat cooked to perfection with Meghalayan red rice. The word Jadoh is picked from the Khasi community of Meghalaya. It is also one of the famous dishes of the Meghalayan hills.

Misa Mach poora from Mizoram 

Juicy grilled prawns wrapped in banana leaves, Misa Mach poora will bring out a seafood lover in you. This is one such recipe that is also very difficult to find as only a few knows the original and authentic taste. Recipes available online are also questionable. So, it will be advised that if you are a foodie, treat your taste buds which Misa Mach poora which is only available in Mizoram.

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Chhena poda from Orissa

An exotic local dessert, Chhena Poda is made with ricotta cheese and sugar baked just right. The origin of this confectionery also has a fascinating story. The owner of the dish decided to add seasoning and sugar to leftover cottage cheese. He kept it on Indian Chulha which still holds warmth. And the next day, the owner created a scrumptious dessert.

Gatta curry from Rajasthan

A go-to curry suited for all seasons, this one is best served with fresh chapattis and pickle. Gate is made up of gram flour roundels. They are added to a gravy based on the curd. You will find variations in gatte ki sabzi as you travel to different parts of Rajasthan.

Baingan Ki lonje from Uttar Pradesh

You must have tasted baingan ka bharta, masala baingan, baingan curry or Barwa baingan. But this dish made up of eggplant is a never-seen-before surprise for you.

Brinjal stuffed with a tangy masala, Baingan Ki lonje is a mouth-watering dish in its truest sense. However, many people don’t share a food romance with brinjal, but this dish also has a variety of health benefits.

Bal mithai from Uttarakhand

Remember that one Pahari friend who use to have a sweet topped with small tiny balls in his/her tiffin box after every summer vacation? Yes, you guessed right that was Bal Mithai.

A sweet treat that you will find at every mithai shop in Uttarakhand. Bal mithai tastes as good as it looks.

This is the list of our unique cuisines which you will only find in India. If we miss any dish jo Sirf India Mai Milta Hai, tell those in the comments ASAP!

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