Jalebi to Samosa, delicious dishes for Monsoon Season

Monsoon Hits Delhi & we could only think of Food,  here is a list of delicious dishes for monsoon season that taste heavenly!

Finally, the monsoon brought a sigh of relief for Delhiites from the scorching heat. Almost every part of Delhi-NCR received a good amount of much-awaited rainfall. Temperature also dipped significantly as the rain was accompanied by light winds. Now, the weather has become beautiful and we could only think of food. Here is a list of 7 delicious dishes for monsoon season which taste heavenly.

Now, as the monsoon has arrived, it’s time to sit on the balcony and just enjoy the season. The view will be more joyous if it gets accompanied by scrumptious snacks. In this case, chai and pakoras emerge as pure bliss. But why settle down just for chai-pakoras when you have plenty of options to consider?

So as rain cools down your home, get warmer by satisfying your taste buds with something hot and spicy.

Here, are some dishes suggested for this monsoon which you should try to lit up your mood:

1.MAGGI – Tumhari, Meri aur Hum sabki Favourite 


Yes, these magic noodles are everybody’s all-time favourite but have you tried your hands on spicy Maggi? They are easy to cook and you can make it the way you want. You can also experiment with different flavours by adding veggies or masala and make it more than just a simple and plain Maggie.

2. Samosa 

As soon as Monsoon begins, pictures of samosas start captivating our minds. These tasty triangles served with some fresh imly and pudina chutney has the capacity to make anybody’s day. Apart from aloo samosas, you can also enjoy chilli paneer samosa, Chow Mein samosa, pasta samosa, pizza samosa and many more. But if you are an Aaloo samosa lover, then order them from Brijvan & you will thank us later

3. Corn or Bhutta


A favourite pastime snack that often reminds us of our school days. You can get it from your nearby street vendor. But if you are willing to grill one on your own then it is again not a really big deal. You have to put some effort to take out all the corns, roast or boil it on the stove and sprinkle some salt, red chilli, lemon juice and chaat masala.

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4.  Momos


These Nepalese/ Tibetan dumplings have aced a special place in our hearts. The hot and soft white dumplings with delicious filling are our all-time favourite food. They are the perfect item for spicy food lovers as they are served with red chilli sauce and mayonnaise

5.  Aloo Tikki

delicious dishes for monsoon season

Delhi is known for its street food. Here, you’ll definitely find an aloo Tikki stall on every corner of the street. Usually, they are fried in oil but if you are health conscious, you can also go for baking. Method of cooking can be distinct but toppings should consist of the same ingredients such as mint chutney and some onions. Sometimes people also like to eat it with some curd and chole, which tastes equally good.

 6. Jalebi


This dessert soaked in sugar syrup tastes heavenly. They can be eaten straight once out of the pan or you can wait for it to cool down. In some places, especially in Old Delhi, jalebis are served with milk.

7.  Aloo paratha

delicious dishes for Monsoon Season

You may have it in the breakfast every morning, but it never fails to pleasure you when it melts in your mouth during monsoon. The taste is enhanced a 100 times when you have it with tea.

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