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List of Controversial Advertisements Jinko Mila Less Love, More Hate

List of Controversial Advertisements, From Manyavar Mohey to Tanishq, advertisements That Hit Pause On Hate

Nowadays, advertisements are not only meant to endorse a product, brand, or service but also play a major role in social awareness. Brands are making commercials in the most creative manner, which are worth watching. Here is a list of controversial advertisements Jinko Mila Less Love, more hate.

Vodafone advertisements with Zoozoo, Amul’s satirical ads on politics and social trends, Center Fresh hilariously funny ads, are some examples that do not let us switch the channel.

However, there are some ads that were not appreciated by the people for their unique idea or concept. They were trolled and makers were even forced to take down the commercials from all the platforms.

Let us take a look at some of the bands that were mercilessly trolled for their ad commercials and earned a hashtag boycott.

Tanishq for Ekatvam

On 9 October 2020, Famous Jewelry brand Tanishq released an advertisement displaying communal harmony. It showcases a Muslim family organizing a traditional South-Indian baby shower for their Hindu daughter-in-law under the banner Ekatvam.

However, the idea of the ad was associated with Love Jihad by some fear-mongers. There were huge outbursts on social media with the hashtag #BoycottTanishq. People accused the jewellery brand of promoting fake secularism and Love Jihad.

Later, Tanishq issued an official statement apologizing for hurting religious sentiments, and Tanishq was forced to withdraw the ad after facing severe backlash from the masses.

Surf Excel for Love Jihad

In early 2019, detergent brand Surf Excel also faced similar trolls on social media. An advertisement depicting Hindu- Muslim harmony irks the sentiments of many. The Surf Excel ad based on the Hindu festival was considered by some to be anti-faith. The unexpected backlash saw #BoycottSurfExcel on Twitter. However, many people pointed out flaws in backlash with some resorting to humour.

There was also an unexpected victim in all the outrage that is Microsoft Excel. People dropped one-star reviews for Microsoft Excel and called it anti-national for sharing similar names.

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Manyavar Mohey on Kanyamann

A recently released ad commercial of clothing brand Manyavar Mohey was mercilessly trolled on social media. As per trollers, the brand targeted Hindu tradition and custom. The ad brought the idea of replacing a Hindu wedding custom of Kanyadaan to Kanyamaan.

Netizens said that the makers of the ad had deliberately targeted one religion to defame it. In the advertisement, Alia Bhatt is dressed as Dulhan. After the backlash against the Manyavar Mohey, Alia Bhatt was trolled for similar reasons with the hashtag #BoycottManayavarMohey and #HinduphobicManayavarMohey.

People also target Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt, father and sister of Alia Bhatt respectively for being anti-Hindu after the war was released.

However, Manyavar Mohey has neither withdrawn this advertisement till now nor issued any statement related to the matter.

Red Label on Islamophobia

Tea brand Brooke Bond Red Label released an ad in 2018, but it was cornered on Twitter after 11 months. The tea brand decided to make an ad on Ganesh Chaturthi, but that did not come up as a good idea. The ad was slammed for promoting Islamophobia where a Hindu man refuse to bring Ganpati Bappa home as it was carved and sold by a Muslim man. But as soon as the Hindu man takes a sip of Red Label Tea, he steps back and changes his mind.

Twitter was filled with anger and rage after this ad by claims that it portrays Hindu as intolerant.

The hashtags were not only against the brand Red label but also for the entire Hindustan Unilever unit. The brand was accused of selective secularism and targeting Hindu festivals.

What do you think? Do these advertisements hurt your sentiments too? Comment down below your stand on these ads.

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