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Watch: This Youtube Video explains ‘Lingerie Etiquette’ that every woman should learn

Lingerie Etiquette that you should learn once and for all


While surfing the internet, I stumbled upon a video by Audrey Coyne that talk about dressing rules that everyone should learn. The video specifically talks about some Lingerie Etiquette and I completely loved them. These are some basics that everyone should learn once and for all.

There are a few things that overlook when it comes to dressing up. Be it right bra size or the colour of our undergarments to keep in mind when we wear white. Thanks to Audrey for addressing the common mistakes that can leave us embarrassed.


( Choose it right)


1. Find your Best Bra: Well, we know it is a task.  You may not consider it every day, but when you do it makes a lot of difference and transform your entire look.  A proper-fitting bra can change your posture and make you feel more confident.  When it comes finding perfect bra – there are two things to consider your band size and your cup size.  Watch the video below to understand how to measure your size.



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Here is how you can measure

2. If you are choosing a bra that you want to wear for a long time and something that is a no brainer and could be paired up with a lot of things, try to find something which is close to your natural skin.  Seamless cups will work like magic for you.


3. Never wear white garments under white clothing: It is one of the most important tips for every woman out there. A lot of us make this mistake. White undergarments under white clothing is a Big No.  White under white will shine a beacon and one can see it from miles away. To simply put, never do this.

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4. An important if you want to look taller: If you want to trick the eyes and want to look taller. Pick a pair of shoes that match your skin colour.  The second formula to look taller is to pair up tops or shirt with high waist jeans or pant.


( Color tones matter)

5. Keep the colour tones in Mind and if you can’t, then buy colour palette handy: When you choose an attire, try to keep the ensembles from the same family.  Colours make you feel amazing and it is important to understand they go together.  But choosing the right colours is not a child’s play. In that case, you can keep a colour palette handy.  Basically, there are two broad categories – Blue based colours are cool colours and yellow-based colours are warm colours.  The simple tip is warm colours will go with warm and cool will with cool colours.

Note: Do not forget to watch the entire video and you will understand how to choose the right colours for yourself.

Try these tricks to transform your look and you thank us later for bringing this video to your notice. These tricks can help you for the rest of your life and make you look good without a lot of effort. What else do want, girl?

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