Light one diya of ‘peace and prosperity’ this Chhoti Diwali!

Happy Chhoti Diwali Everyone!

Finally, festival of lights is here! Everyone is bit busy in preparation. Isn’t it? We hope you people are done with your Diwali shopping. Diwali is one of the best festivals we Indians are known for. Also known as Naraka Chaturdash, Chhoti Diwali is celebrated one day after Dhanteras and one day before Diwali.

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Marking the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, the celebration of Diwali sees people perform pujas of goddess Lakshmi, exchange sweets and greet their near and dear ones.

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Diwali, however, is part of a five-day long festival that begins from Dhanteras, to Naraka Chaturdasi (Chhoti Diwali), Diwali, Padva and ends with Bhai Dooj, which most of us are not aware of. It’s not a one day festival. The day between Dhanteras and Diwali is known as Chhoti Diwali, as it is known to us. Also known as Naraka Chaturdashi and Roop Chaturdashi, people celebrate the day by lighting up their homes as they wait for the main day. There are many legends associated with the day.

What our mythological legends say?

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One mythological legend suggests that the demon king, Narakasur, who was the ruler of Pragjyotishpur (province to the South of Nepal) defeated Lord Krishna and other deities. He also imprisoned 16,000 daughters of various gods and snatched the earrings of goddess Aditi, considered as a mother to all gods and goddesses. One day prior to Naraka Chaturdashi, Lord Krishna defeated the demon and freed all the imprisoned daughters. He also recovered the precious earrings of goddess Aditi. On the day of Chhoti Diwali, he returned home victorious, and thus this day is celebrated to mark his triumph over the demon.

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Legend has there another theory as well. Bali was a very influential king. All the gods feared that he might conquer all the three lokas and rule them in unjust ways. In order to combat this fear, Lord Vishnu went to him in Vamana avatar and asked him to give just 3-foot space of his kingdom. Bali, full of pride, called him a beggar and agreed to give anything he begged for.

The intelligent Lord Vishnu covered all the three lokas in mere two footsteps, asking the majestic king where he should put his third foot. Bali told him to keep it on his heads, and thus, Lord Vishnu conquered his head and grabbed all the three lokas from him.And thus, Chhoti Diwali is celebrated to rejoice the victory of goodness and the defeat of greed.

So basically, we celebrate the victory of Lord Vishnu on Chhoti Diwali!


Crackers are already banned this time by the Government of India and we too request all are readers to avoid burning crackers this time. Come let’s mark our contribution for clean environment too. Lit a diya of peace and prosperity this time!

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