Life of an HR: 10 Hilarious things every HR professional will relate to!

Yeh Log Management se Mile hai, Life of an HR

Being an HR professional is not a child’s play. Human Resource doesn’t mean cost-cutting and salary negotiations. Today, we are not able to handle one relationship (Millennials ka toh pta hi hai) and HR people have to maintain a cordial relationship with so many humans with a different mindset. Human Resource is an integral part of an organisation, yet a lot of people don’t take them seriously.  The fact is, you can hate HR, Love  HR , but you can’t ignore HR.

kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor

Here are 10 Hilarious things that every HR professional will relate to:

1. ’HR Walo ko Bas Month ke end mai Kaam karna padta’

A lot of people say this. They believe that the HR department goes to the office just for chit –chats & chilling. The only time they work is the month-end or at the festivals

2. HR Position is stereotyped and belongs to women

People are so fond of saying ‘HR Ma’am’ that they sometimes forget that men could also become an HR.  The position has been stereotyped and it is often related to females.

3. The Million Dollar Question – ‘Appraisal Kab Honge’

Bhai Bol na ‘It is in the process’ Understand we can forward it to management but they need to take the final decision.  Also, confidentiality is like a religion for us, so don’t even expect that we will disclose anything.

4. Employee Birthday – HR cake layega

Oh yes, its someone’s else birthday, and HR plans it. An HR keeps a track of everybody’s but what about us?  How many of you remember the birthday of your HR

5. Politeness becomes a part of our system

There are days when we carry an attitude “Don’t Mess’. But being an HR you can’t do that. You need to be polite even with the most difficult colleague

6. Anything happens in the office – HR se Pucho

What does that mean?  We are HR, not Google. Everybody has their own expertise, ask the expert of that department

7. Boss ko kya hua hai?  How would we know?

As if boss texts us that his stomach was upset? How would we know? Being in HR doesn’t mean that we will know everything about the boss.

 8. Oh! You are the one who fires people

Yes, we are devils of daily soap. We have no other work to do and we love firing people. How could someone think that way, though?

9. Koi HR ko btaye XYZ company ne apne employees Kitna acha Diwali gift diya hai

This is so common. People compare their festival gifts with others and then taunt HR. Remember we are also like you; we don’t stop management from giving ‘Acha Gift’

10. Lastly, HR ho paise toh ache milte honge

Yes, we make crores a month without doing anything. Every job has its own share of struggles.

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