#Life of a Freelancer: Expectations VS Reality, things every freelancer will relate to!

#Life of a FreelancerHilarious Things every freelancer will relate to!

Everything in this world has its own pros and cons so does freelancing. Life of a freelancer isn’t a bed of roses. Of course, freelancing has a lot of perks and nothing can beat the joy of being your own boss.  But as we know reality is different from expectation. Here are a few hilarious things that every freelancer will relate too.

1. Oh yes! They too need to meet deadlines

They can’t go on vacations any day. They too need to meet deadlines and that too on short notice. Otherwise, the client will go mad, and they can’t afford it. Paisa chaiye, paisa

2. Client ko best article chahiye, time par bhi chahiye par client ko paise zyada nhi dene, aise kaise chalega client? (Negotiation is the toughest task)

Freelancers are equally talented as a regular employee or they may be more talented. But the client thinks they can negotiate as much as they can. They expect best write-ups that too on time, but money, a lot of times remain a concern.

3. Focus a lot of times stay out of focus

People think it is so easy for them to stay focused as they work from home. But wait! Working at home can be a complete mess at times. Just imagine the moment you start working and your mom says “Beta dhaniya la de.”

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4.Urgent request from the client at 5 pm on Friday

Hang on! That’s the worst thing to happen. Their message is like a nightmare. At least full-time job employees have fun on weekends.

5. Longer calls with clients than your BAE – Lol!

This is the reality of a freelancer. A lot of times call with the client gets stretched. It lasts way longer than it should have and realise that there are 30 missed calls from your BAE. If yes, then welcome to the magical world of freelancers.

Not everybody can be a freelancer! Kudos to their working spirit. So next time when fantasize about their job, remember the grass is always greener on the other side.

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