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‘Life is more valuable than Money’: Satyendra Jain’s Draft Policy is all about this!

It’s high time know about your rights! 

Well, Undoubtedly, Private Hospitals treat us really well. We cannot question on their services for sure but what about the fat bill they charge from a patient? Every person cannot afford a treatment in private hospitals just because of the money they charge. But an initiative by Health Minister Satyendra Jain has come to rescue the patients from being charged heavy amounts of money in terms of treatment.

While the common man has welcomed the Delhi government’s draft policy that aims to cap profits of private hospitals and cut medical costs, experts are concerned about the debilitating impact it may have on the health sector. A lot of Private Hospitals owners are criticising this policy. Members of India Medical Association (IMA) are not satisfied with the policy and repeatedly giving their counter-arguments.

(Satendra Jain, Health Minister)


Health Minister, Satyendra Jain, recently announced a draft policy, which has provisions to control what he called “exploitative profit” made by private hospitals and nursing homes through “overcharging patients for medicines, investigations and other medical procedures”.

All you need to know about Draft Policy!

1. Hospitals cannot charge (make a profit) more than 50% of the proposed rate for a medical package.

2. Hospitals, as a rule, will have to disclose all treatments, medicines, investigations and any other medical charges as part of the bill.

3.Hospitals can offer a high-risk package, which will be 20% more than normal treatment packages.

4. Hospitals cannot force people to buy medicines from their pharmacy.

5. Doctors have to prescribe from the price-controlled National List of Essential Medicines and can only charge the listed MRP or a maximum markup of 50% of the purchase cost.

6. For implants, this stands as  MRP or 33% markup.

7. If a patient dies within six hours of being taken to the hospital emergency room, 50% of the treatment cost will be waived.

8. If the death occurs within 24 hours, 20% of the total bill amount will be waived.

Dignity Of Death!

Satyendra Jain further added that no nursing home or private hospitals have authority to deny giving the Dead Body to families even if a bill has been not deposited by the family. He referred to this as the dignity of Death.

Critics and supporters!

Some renowned private run hospitals like Fortis, Apollo, Max criticise the draft policy as according to them this policy is a huge Failure from the side of government and other will not actually give the desired results. Contrary, to this organization working for patients and their families, meanwhile, have welcomed the proposed measures.“Indeed they are progressive in intent and signal a paradigmatic shift in the government’s thinking,” said a statement released by Campaign for Dignified and Affordable Healthcare.

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