Life in Kashmir: Point of view of an insider

Kashmir evaluates through two different prisms

Life in Kashmir: How is it to live in a place which has been titled ‘Paradise on earth’- “Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.” This translates as If there is a paradise on earth, it is this, and it is this. Amir Khusroo’s couplet had been a synonym for Kashmir and whenever these lines are being said makes every stranger, who has never been to Kashmir to create a sheer beautiful place in his or her imaginary world.

The beauty of Kashmir, of course, is laudable and there is no single word that can describe its magnificent look. The snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, vast green meadows and the fresh crystal clean water bodies flowing will make anyone fall in love with this place.

The question is does the beautiful landscape and favourable climate alone make a place hospitable and habitable? Kashmir is titled as ‘Jannat’ (paradise). Is it really like that?

Yes, if only a picturesque beauty is what makes a place paradise, then Kashmir is a paradise without having any parallel to it.

Despite having such bless why not people of Kashmir believe it,  as a paradise?  The long-pending conflict had destroyed many houses,  has led to bloodsheds and forced exile of Kashmiris. When I say Kashmiris I don’t mean only Muslims who live there, I talk about the Kashmiri Pandits as well, who have been exiled from the valley and are living as refugees. However, to know the Kashmir issue, there is a lot to understand about Kashmir’s history.

History of Kashmir

There are two schools of thought about the Kashmir conflict. The classical one which traces back the roots of Kashmir conflict 1586, and the latter one attaches Kashmir conflict of 1947.

Chak’s The last native rural of native Kashmir

Yousuf Shah Chak, who was the last native emperor of independent Kashmir and ruled the valley from 1579 to 1586. As per the accepted version ok Kashmir history, the Mughals tried to evade Kashmir two times but failed, however, Akbar used all his might to capture Kashmir and had sent his General- Raja Bhagwant Das and Raja Man Singh. Yousuf Shah went to Delhi for negotiations, but he was backstabbed and imprisoned for the lifetime.

The latter part of Kashmir starts with 1947, two-nation theory. The then-rural of Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh opted to remain as an independent state and not to join any of the two domains of India and Pakistan. However, after the tribal invasion from Pakistan, Maharaja signed an instrument of accession with India on three domains, Communication, Defence and external affairs.

Over the years the instrument of accession had been degraded and was abrogated on 5 August 2019. Many political and violent up-downs had been witnessed by Kashmiris over these years.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about Kashmir and India. It became a very fascinating topic to understand.

To me, Kashmir and Kashmiris are the most peaceful, friendly and hospitable people in the world. As beautiful the Kashmir is so generous are the Kashmiris.

I believe, regardless of your identity if you find yourself in trouble, and if a Kashmiri is around you, he will make sure about your safety and will help you. I am not the only one who has such an opinion about Kashmir, you can ask this to anyone who had been to Kashmir, he may provide you with a much better understanding of Kashmir and Kashmiris.

There is this perception if you see a lot of violence in life you will turn to be one who does it, but this theory is failed in Kashmir, after seeing so much of violence and so far, still, Kashmiris are the most peace-loving people. I am not here telling you, to follow me blindly, go and visit Kashmir you will be clearer about it.

I have lived 24 years of my life in Kashmir and I am well aware of the situations as well as, I know how media is portraying Kashmir, Which of course is manipulating the minds of people.

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Media False narrative and need to think

What media is showing on their primetime shows, the warmongering by the most sophisticated army sitting in their cosy sets, having AC installed and all other facilities, they most probably don’t have any idea what is the weather outside, they are shouting out their lungs out about issues they have no idea about it.

After 24 years of my life, I never let any perception took over my logic. I always have heard how Kashmiris are being treated in other parts of India. Which, to some extent was true. In 2018 I was in Hyderabad, working with a media channel where I got to meet many people from different parts of India, The first question I have encountered is. Do everyday attacks happen there? Do you want to be a part of Pakistan? And some questions which look so stupid that I even laugh at them even now. Does every Kashmiri have a gun at home? In a sarcasm, I have answered many of my friends that we cook food with bullets in it that is the main reason we Kashmiris have a glow on our face.

It was no wonder to be to face such questions because they have consumed so much of media content which had been given to them with an agenda, with a reason. “If you want to hide a truth, tell a lie a hundred times your lie will become truth” something similar had been done by the media.

All we need is to come out of the prism we have set for any the place have analyze things differently than only you will be able to know the reality and the mist behind all the propagandas.

Kashmir: as it wears different look in its every season, astonishes everyone with its beauty and charm, the same way we need to understand the different opinions of Kashmir, to make it a paradise in a real sense.

Ideas and Beliefs expressed in the article are of the Writer 

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