Life after Retirement: How to manage your time and Finances?

Make ‘Retirement’ a beautiful phase of your life!

So, it’s a fact that retirement is one of the important phases in our lives. One day everyone has to retire from their work. But a lot of elderly people take retirement very negatively but why so? There is no need for earning for all your life; one should spend time with his/ her dear ones after a certain age because it is important.Congratulations, if you are ready to retired. You have done the hard part—spent a lifetime getting out of bed and getting to work, taking care of your family, and saving for this day. But what if retirement turns out to be too easy and there is not enough to do? Undoubtedly, retirement brings boredom with it. So, here are 8 ways to stay busy and engaged with life.


1. Get a job: That might seem to be more than a little ironic—to leave the workforce only to come back into it. But one reason is that you might need the money. Earning money will keep you busy as well. For another, retiring is often a great opportunity to start a new, totally unrelated career. Many people find encore careers liberating and fulfilling.

2. Volunteers: This is an obvious route that many retirees find rewarding. From mentoring children to helping a small business on a project, assisting at the library or hospital, trading work for free space at a national park, helping a local volunteer group, or even going into the Peace Corps—there are countless opportunities. Think in terms of what you would like to do and which organizations you would like to help; then contact those outfits, and tell them you would like to help. Go and help others voluntarily.

3. Take up a sport: Playing any sport will keep you healthy. A lot of folks did not have the time to practice a sport during their working years. They often feel at a disadvantage trying to learn something that others have spent years perfecting (or at least trying to perfect). Many folks who have come to sports late in life get great pleasure (and other benefits, like fitness) from their new activities—whether it is fishing, boating, pickle ball, tennis, boccie, biking, or water aerobics. If you take up a difficult sport like golf or tennis, take lessons.

4. Get a hobby: Start one while you are still working. That will give you time to explore different alternatives as well as you give you something to start on Day One of your retirement. Whether it is quilting, bridge, mah-jongg, scrap booking, knitting, raising orchids, gardening, woodworking, painting, crossword puzzles/Sudoku, music, whatever—start looking now for something that you can get excited about. It will give you something to look forward to as well as the chance to interact with others about something interesting.

5. Start a business: In this sphere, you are only limited by your imagination, interests, and finances. People need someone to take care of their pets, watch their empty houses, drive them to the airport, and fix their computers and bicycles. Tourist destinations need tour guides. Perhaps you have always had an idea for a product or service—now it is the time to test it out. Do something you like, beware investing too much of your capital, and try to get good advice from someone whose business judgment you trust.

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6. Travel: Take out some time for yourself. Due to work pressure, it’s always difficult to explore new places but once you retire travel your favorite destinations.

7. Take a bridge (gap) year: It used to be this was the plan for young people who needed an adjustment between high school and college, or college and their first job. But more and more folks are planning for a bridge year right after their retirement starts. They have many advantages, chief among them a chance to decompress after a hectic working career and gain perspective about how to optimize retirement. Perhaps you have always wanted to travel around the world, work for a relief organization, learn Italian in Rome, build a website, or learn how to repair clocks. This is your chance.

8. Make new friends whose ages are different than yours: Older people have different perspectives to offer. Younger folks have a different vocabulary and usually more energy. In the process of exploring the different, you will be keeping yourself younger and more interesting too. Make a commitment to connect with people. Make a pledge that you are going to get out and talk with people on a regular basis. It will keep you young.

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