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LGBTQ+: Things To Know Before Coming Out

LGBTQ+ Coming Out is a big event! Here are a few things to know before coming out

LGBTQ+: If you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and have not come out, then the thought of coming out must be a constant for you. The desire to openly embrace your true self is quite an obvious one. But there are also a lot of challenges where coming out is concerned.


Coming out in India can be even more challenging because India is not yet so upfront about accepting people breaking gender norms or basic stereotypes. There is a lot of confusion among the people here due to varying reasons like lack of proper information, concerns of safety, etc.

Reasons to come out:


There are many reasons one may want to come out:

  • They finally figured out their identity and are ready for the world to know

  • They want to date a person they want and ready to reveal their identity in order to do so

  • They are tired of being misgendered or hearing people label them what they are not

  • They don’t want to live like a person they are not

But there are several things to keep in mind before coming out! 

  • Don’t force yourself to come out due to your friends or circumstances. Different people are prepared for this at different times in their lives.  You may want to disclose who you are, but you should also think about your own safety.  It is safer not to come out if there is a risk of bodily harm or violence at your home.

  • Think about the challenges you might have to face after coming out. Will your life be one easier, or will it become even more difficult?

  • If you are unable to speak publicly about who you are or are trying to figure out if you should speak up, it may be helpful to talk to a counselor.   Having a support system in place can help you plan a way for you to  come out.  If your reaction to coming out is not what you expected, or if you need emergency shelter, your support system can help you in these times.

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  • Get ready for tons of questions. After you come out, many people will have many questions regarding how you knew, or when you knew or why you chose to come out now. Some of these questions can get extremely intrusive and some might respect your personal boundaries.

  • Wanting to identify with labels is perfectly acceptable, and in fact labels can be very useful in discussions of identity, and even expression, as they provide a vocabulary for emotions.  However, it’s okay to not fit into any particular label at all.  LGBTQIA+ has a “+” for a reason.

  • Be prepared to be uncomfortable for some time. While coming out is freeing, not everything will settle in place right after. You will have to deal with uncomfortable emotions, situations and conversations. People will create challenges for you and you’ll need to overcome them. Just know, this uncomfortable phase will have to end sometime.


Coming Out is your decision and should be thought upon carefully before actions are taken.

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