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Let’s Understand and Start Living Hinduism XIV

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Purity of Thoughts, Words and Action

Every word that we speak sends out waves in the atmosphere around us. Our thought waves travel faster than the sound waves and travel through universes. Last of all, our actions travel much farther than we can even think of—they travel with us through our lifetimes. Hinduism takes care of all these and the Hindus have moulded their life styles in such a way that these facts are taken care of.



Hinduism lays stress on what is spoken, when it is spoken and for whom the words are spoken. Due respect is given to all. The purity of thoughts, words and actions is taken care of. Hindus know the relevance and effect of thoughts, words and deeds. That is why we say Hinduism is a way of life, Hinduism is not a religion.

Purity of Thoughts

Our thoughts travel to distances beyond our imagination. Most of us would have experienced that when you remember your near and dear ones, they end up meeting you or they call you and tell you that they wanted to talk to you.

Thought waves travel much like the wireless waves with a special feature that they know where to go and with what speed. You can easily test this. Think of one idea; let your thoughts move around that idea. By the evening you will find other people in your family or house speak around the idea you had thought of.

Our Yogis, Rishis and Gurus used thought waves for communicating with each other. This clearly makes it important for each one of us to have purity of thought so that others also maintain the purity and hence the society is pure and so is the nation. Hinduism calls not only for purity of thought but also for the purity of intent. Our intention must be pure.

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