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Let’s Understand and Start Living Hinduism XIII

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Main Tulsi Tere Angan Ki……
Tulsi, or the Holy Basil, is also known by the names like Manjari, Krishna Tulsi and Tulshi. Every Hindu house has a Tulsi plant at home. The inimitable qualities of the Tulsi make it special not only to us humans, but also to Gods in the heaven. Without the Tulsi leaves, the prayers are incomplete.



Tulsi has unmatched medicinal qualities. Every part of the Tulsi plant is useful: its wood is very powerful that it protects from negative influences, leaves have medicinal value that keep harmful virus away, its roots can curb ones hunger for a couple of days and still maintain the nutrients in the body. In fact, Goddess Parvati ate Tulsi roots when she went for deep meditation.

Tulsi leaves are self-purifying, that is, they can be washed and reused in the Pooja.It is because of its qualities that Tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Prasadam is incomplete without Tulsi.

The Tulsileavesnot only help to boost memory,strengthen the nerves and stomach, but also help keep away cold, cough, virus and flu. They can be used to cure respiratory ailments, heart problems, control cholesterol, ulcers and infections in the mouth. It is preventive and curative for insect bites, ringworm and other skin diseases likeleucoderma. It helps cureteeth disorders,counteracts bad breath, headache, sore eyes and last but not the least it cures night-blindness and diarrhea.

Thus a Tulsi plant is a plant in totality. Tulsan Maharai Namo namah.

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