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Let’s Understand and Start Living Hinduism IX

Papers, Books and People are sacred to Hindus

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To Indians, knowledge is sacred and divine. So it must be given respect at all times. Nowadays we separate subjects as sacred and secular. But in ancient India every subject – academic or spiritual – was considered divine and taught by the guru in the gurukulam.

Hinduism has given a lot of respect to everything related to education and hence the custom of not stepping on books and other things related to education. As a child, the habit of bowing down to books is inculcated in all Hindu infants so that by the time they are ready to go to school the basics of Hinduism with respect to education are clear to them.

Around the first fortnight of February, we celebrate Vasant Panchami. On this day we worship the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Goddess Saraswati. On this day we worship our books, vehicles and instruments.

Since we are learning from each action we perform, we bow down to Goddess Saraswati every morning.

‘Om Ayem Hreem Shreem Kleem Saraswattyae Budhjananya Swaha.’

The knowledge we have attained during school and college education has made us capable to survive in the present day world and in day to day circumstances. We bow down infinitely many times to the knowledge (the Books we studied), the Gurus who have imparted this knowledge. This also develops a feeling of humility within us.

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