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The Master Room of the House: The Prayer Room



Almost all Indians have a place where they perform their daily Poojas. Some of them have a special room for prayers. It is called Mandir. In the Mandir, we always light a lamp before we start with the Poojas everyday in the morning and evening. The main deity in the mandir is worshiped by japa, meditation, devotional songs are sung in the praise of the main deity and Hindu scriptures are read. Special Poojas are performed during the festivals and occasions. Each member of the family – young or old –participates in the Poojas and worships the Deity here.

We all know that God has created everything that we possibly know of. Hence, we Hindus believe that God is also the owner of the House we live in. Hence the master room of the house belongs to God or the Mandir is the Master room of the house. We Hindus believe that we occupy the Lords property on earth. This keeps grounded and hence humble. Also by following this norm we get rid of the false feeling that we are the master of the house. Also, we are the caretakers of God’s home on earth. The Mandir is always kept not only neat and tidy, but is also decorated with God’s statues and flowers.

Every activity or task that we take up during the day is accomplished by His blessings. This balances our ego easily and effortlessly. The Mandir also reminds us that God is with us in our house always.

Also, when we build a house, we have a kitchen for cooking, bedroom for resting, living room to receive guests and so on. Each room is furnished according to its need. Thus for performing poojas and meditation we need a special room-the Mandir.

The room gets filled with the vibrations of the mantras and divine thoughts which influence the minds of those who spend time there. The intensity of these vibrations grows through regular meditation, pooja and chanting done. We also sit in the Mandir to absorb the vibrations which help to release our stress and make us feel calm, rejuvenated and spiritually uplifted.

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