Let’s talk about sex; it’s really important for all of us

People in India do not openly talk about sex, so come let’s talk about sex

Let’s talk about sex today because it is really important for all of us. At least talking about it will save most of our young generation from the dangerous misinformation about sex.

Every time when we go out to watch a movie with our parents, lovemaking scenes in the film makes us uncomfortable. Why every time we need to change the channel of the television when we see any kissing scene?

Why can’t we just relax? And why can’t we just openly talk about sex? In India, word ‘SEX’ has a lot of stigmas attached to it. Sex education has to go a long way in India.

People often think sex education is obscene and it will have a bad impact on their child. Actually, sex education is not about teaching students to have sex at an early stage, rather it teaches them about social and biological aspects of leading healthy sex life in future.

Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex

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Social Media Exposure and half- baked knowledge about sex

We are currently in the social media age. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter are taking the world by storm. Most of us have become netizens and being tech savvy has become the biggest highlight of our resume. Our young generation has a huge exposure to social media, and they can get any content of their choice in just one click. The content can be related to sex and can be obscene.

If they will not get proper guidance, incorrect information on the internet can ruin their entire life. So it’s better to talk about sex at home. Being a responsible parent, it’s your duty to guide your children about sex, consent, and consequences of unprotected sex.

Reality shows, unprotected sex and a dark future

A lot of shows that are aired in India show, how teenagers themselves destroy their future and most the time reason is unprotected sex. In order to get pleasure for a while, they forget to take preventive measures, which lead to a dark future.

HIV, STD and awareness about them

What types of contraception are available? What are the risks of STD and HIV? What all should be kept in mind while engaging in a sexual activity?

This type of education and awareness in required for Indians. Most of the Indians seek opinions from friends, when it comes to sex. But trust me, friends and the internet cannot give you correct advice every time.

It’s important for our society to become more liberal on Sex. And talking about it is the only way to make our young generation aware of it.

Let’s talk about sex
Let’s talk about sex

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Why India desperately needs sex awareness?

  • India has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy
  • 53 percent of Children between the age of 5 and 12 are subjected to sexual abuse
  • Shockingly, a large percentage of girls are unaware about the word menstruation

What all you can do as parents?

  • Educate your child about the word sex
  • Tell them the difference between and good and bad touch
  • Do not change the channel, when you are together watching a love making scene. Behave like its normal
  • If they ask you something about sex, do not scold them. Ask the source from where they got to know about it and try to answer his or her question

Would you like your children to be unaware, instead of enabling them to make right choices and lead a happy and healthy life?

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