Less Money, Bigger Hearts: A day with people of Kumhar Colony

Kumhar Colony, a potter’s Village: A place which was warm, welcoming and worth exploring


Pandemic has brought everything to a halt. But we know we have to live with it. After 8 long months, I am finally back to the “so-called” normal. Finally, I am stepping out to cover stories.  Recently, I visited the Kumhar Colony located in Uttam Nagar. To be honest, I was a little sceptical about visiting as COVID is still not over. Anyway, I went there for a story on Diwali. Notably, Kumhar colony is Delhi’s oldest pottery hub. It was established in the year 1971.  People in Kumhar Colony have been making diyas and clay utensils since ages.

Interestingly, 12 potters living in this colony are National Award Winners. The idols, diyas, and other decorative items which are made here are supplied not only in India but all across the globe. Isn’t that cool?  But this year’s, Diwali is dull for them. The fear of COVID has impacted their business badly. People are not stepping out and avoiding crowded areas as a precaution. Well, it is a tough time for most of us, especially people with small businesses. But as they say – People with less money always have bigger hearts. They might not have a lot of money but surely have big hearts. Every street and the home was full of mitti ke bartan, diya and other decorative items. Children were playing and there was a sense of warmth in the streets of Kumhar colony. The one you call – ‘Apnapan’. People with small houses treat you with utmost warmth and that’s what I experienced in Kumhar colony. People there are grateful for the things they have. It made me realize  – “Let’s not crib for small things in life”


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kumhar colony

The price of exquisite diyas and decorative items left me awestruck. I found one idol of Ganpati and wanted to buy it. To my surprise, the potter gifted me that. And that moment hit me hard. Not the idol of Ganpati, but the lesson from that incident was the biggest gateway for me. To simply put, “It’s your heart which decides how rich you are, not your money.”  Contentedness, happiness, peace doesn’t come with money, it starts with you. COVID has been a testing time for all of us, but it was so surreal to see that it hasn’t killed the spirit of people. And that’s how we want to sail through this.

Let’s be vocal for local. If you get a chance to visit Uttam Nagar, do not forget to visit Kumhar Colony. You can get diyas and decorative items for as low as Rs.5! Let us brighten up someone’s Diwali. But do not forget to take the necessary precautions. Mask and sanitizers are a must. Support each other because we all are together in this.

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