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Leopard Chased Dog, chose not to eat it & left us with question – What’s most important thing in life?

What do you think is the most important thing in life?

While surfing on quora yesterday, I came across an incident about a dog and a leopard. The leopard chased the dog into the village. Both were stuck in one bathroom for many hours but the leopard did not attack the dog. Both were scared, hungry but did nothing. But why? The incident left us wondering what’s most important thing in life?

It was not that the leopard was not hungry. It had to be since it chased the dog into the village and into a bathroom. But it did not cause any harm to the dog who was it’s prey. This may have been so because the leopard chose living over hunger. It’s own life was more important than a momentary lapse in its feeding cycle. All beings are like that. In times of crisis, everyone wants to ensure their own safety first. 

What’s the most important thing in life? What is most dear to you? This is a question that probably has many answers, or it may not have any answer at all. How do you decide what’s important and what’s not? Is your family important? Or is your career the most important? Money? Love? Children? 

Well, it’s evident that this question has as many answers and the number of times it has been asked. The thing is, there is no one thing that is important. There are multiple things at multiple times. And for different people the answers are different. 

Truth is, the things that are important to us, keep changing. When a child is born, the care of the child is the most important thing for the parents. All their energy, focus and hard work goes into taking care of the life they have created. And to the small child, the most important people are their parents. They are barely even aware of a world beyond them. 

But this is not the case for everyone. What’s important to teenagers might not be important to their parents. What’s important for older people might not be as important to the younger generation. But all of this has one ultimate aim: A truly happy and fulfilled life. This is what everyone aims for. Those who are rich, those who are poor, young, old, all have the same goal. 

So what is it that makes life important, and happy and fulfilled? 



Yes, Money is important, but is it the most important thing? No. People who do not have money also live on this planet. And many lead a happy life despite the lack of money. Some people have more money, some have less. Most people make do with what they have. 



Now when we talk about love, it does not only mean romantic love. Love comes in various forms. What we share with our family is love. The emotion between romantic partners is love. The strong bond between friends too can be based on love too. 

Love comes in various forms and the world around us has an abundant supply of it. But the most important form of love is within yourself. It comes from inside you and for yourself. 

Self love is the most important form of love. It is the key that opens the gate to a happy and fulfilled life. If you are not happy with yourself, there is no way anything will ever satisfy your need for love. This self love is what will satire the soul’s hunger for inner peace. 

Love & Money

Self love is the most passionate and fulfilling love for yourself. Because the most important person in your life should be you. We often see people sacrificing and giving it all for people around them, to make them happy, to make them comfortable. But in the process of all this they leave themselves behind. With all their focus on someone else, they forget about themselves. This should not be how things work. Learn to love yourself first. Prioritise the most important person in your life. Prioritise yourself. Because Things That Are Important Start With YOU.

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