Leaving Paw Marks across Your Heart

Pet Fed 2014

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Pet Fed 2014: Leaving Paw Marks across Your Heart

They wait for you to come back home, they love being pampered, they are the most loyal and the brats of the house and very much understanding yet stubborn too. And if you can guess who we are talking about, then you must be a proud pet parent.


‘Shadow’, a Siberian Husky was a show-stopper at the Fed. (r)Proud Pet parent Ansh Agarwal.

The Pet Fed 2014 happened for the first time in New Delhi at the Delhi Haat. It gave an opportunity to all the proud pet parents to showcase their love for the most loved member of the family, to pamper them and to make them the ‘talk of the town’.

Pet Fed is an initiative of Mydea Ventures Private Limited which is a firm that aims at making people’s dream come true. “After witnessing the overwhelming response of various consumer conventions like comic con, auto expo, book fairs, etc, we thought that why not create something for the animal lovers, where people can come and have a good time with/without their pets,” says Akshay Gupta, Founder of Pet Fed and MVPL.


Three friends going back down memory lane at the Pet-Fed Photo Booth

The convention aims at engaging and bringing together all the pet owners and animal lovers and providing them with dedicated services. The pet product and service industry is growing substantially and people are becoming more and more receptive towards animals, but there is no national level platform for animal lovers where they can come, share and have a good time.

Their second aim is to make people aware about the atrocities that stray animals have to go through every day and how exactly we can make a difference.


Pet Parent and Baby together at the Pet-Fed

So Pet-Fed wishes to make people aware about the cruelty towards stray animals and motivate them to do their bit.

Thirdly, promoting adoption is one of most important visions of Pet Fed. Akshay adds “We are having a number of NGOs like PFA, SPCA, ICUC, Adopt a pet, Everything MEOW, participating at Pet Fed for the same.”


Adoption centre at the Pet-Fed.

“We wish to encourage people to adopt stray animals who are actually in need of homes rather than buying. We have also kept an activity called Puppy Therapy. In this activity, we have a litter of small stray puppies, and people can come and play with these puppies. This will make people understand that stray dogs are as good as pure bred dogs and thereby encouraging them to adopt.”

Because it was happening for the first time, the event featured mostly dogs. But wait! Do not even think of underestimating the event as the whole place was flooded with various breeds of dogs, from Pugs to Chihuahua, flaunting their soft hair and costumes along with their Parents. The pets were kept engaged with different activities like fetching, agility, fashion show (without props), obstacle course, sessions with vets and animal behaviourists, free vet check-ups and grooming sessions, free dog confectionery and a lot more.


A family pampering cute poodles at the Pet Fed.

A number of companies from the pet industry participated and showcased their products and services to the pet owners. Pet-Fed offers many small and medium companies an avenue to reach out to pet-parents directly. A few companies are also launching their new products at the Pet Fed. So all the pets are in for a gala time!

Pet-Fed partnered with a number of organisations to spread the word amongst their clients and community about the event. A few of them were: People For Animals (Ms. Maneka Gandhi’s NGO), DogSpot.in (India’s largest online portal for pet products), Heads Up For Tails, Petacom, TheFilmyOwl (Angel Bedi), Scoopy Scrub (India’s largest chain of pet grooming saloons) and many more.


Canine and Pups up for adoption at the Pet-Fed.

Not only the pet-babies of the family but the parents too can indulge themselves into various activities like scooby doo murder mystery, kung fu panda challenge, graffiti, pupcakes, karaoke, musical performances, adoption camps, etc.

“We are aiming to keep all the activities themed around animals so that people subconsciously are able to connect with them“ said Akshay.


Ted being loved by his pet parents.

In the mid of ego clashes and love between various pets that met each other at the spot for the first time, the event went on to another level when the audience and pet-lovers witnessed a fashion show of dogs of various breeds wearing beautiful and smart costumes of a nun, basketball player, fairy etc. and walked the ramp with their loving parents.

It was indeed an awesome get together and party for all these pet lovers and pet-babies and the pleasure of holding month-old kittens and pups was indeed an experience of a lifetime. So, if you are a pet lover or a proud parent of one, then make sure you block the date for this Pet Fed the next time it comes around.

Picture Courtesy : A.Kameshwari, One World News

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