Learning from your failure: Here is How You Can Teach this to your Child

How to make your children accept and learn from their failures?

“Either you win, or you learn, you never lose.”

This quote is one of the most famously heard of and is something that is just true for all. In a race, the person who wins, wins, the others who don’t win, don’t lose, don’t fail. They just learn, probably learn how to win, why they didn’t win, how the winner won, etc. There can be a spectrum of learnings that an individual can attain from a situation where they aren’t winning but calling that situation a failure is not right in the first place. But yes, for a child, understanding the process of winning and learning is a little difficult. And, for a fact, the society we live in always embrace winning, hence, the unforeseen pressure on a child for winning every battle from the social world they live in can make them not appreciate the times when they aren’t winning.

Well then, if you are looking for ways in which you could teach your kid, how to appreciate their failures, you are reading the right blog. Though, we would be sticky refraining from using the term, ‘failure’ here because it literally isn’t a failure but an instance of them not winning.

How to make your children accept and learn from their events where they end up ‘Not Winning’?

1. Focussing on the development of mind and attitudes

Not winning is something that is inevitable, but reuttering the incident of not winning can be a problem. Instead, help your child have in thinking the other way around. Make them think of the reasons for failures, tell them about the areas of improvement, tell them how they can prepare for the next time, and help them in the process of improvement. Channelize their energy from thinking about the incident where they didn’t win to the reasons why they didn’t win and how can they win the next time.

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You’re so stupid

2. Let failure Happen

Parents always feel good parenting means not letting your child suffer. They wish to do every ideal thing for their child, and winning is one thing that comes under the same. But honestly, winning every time can also not be helpful for the growth of your child. They must be taught to accept not winning. They should be cherishing the process, the struggle, and the fruit (winning) that they will achieve after the struggle.

3. Take them out of the idea that they need to be perfect

Many parents and children just strive to live up to their perfectionist theories. Parents always want their child to excel in everything which is a problem. Normalize not being perfect, but emphasize the process where they need to be active and open to learning so as they can compete in the future.

4. Appreciate Growth

No matter your child wins or not wins if they have improved from the previous performances even by an inch, they have grown. They have won the battle they have had for themselves. Appreciate them for that.

5. Make them identify the next chance

Identify for your child, if there is any next chance. And if there is any, make them act on that chance help them make the fullest out of it. And if there isn’t, make them look at the brighter side of the situation, help new gates for them instead of letting them think of the closed ones.

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