LAW OF ATTRACTION – The tool that can transform your life

A positive mind attracts positive outcomes; A negative mind attracts negative results.

Laws of universe are non-complex yet unknown. The law of attraction is scrutinized in many areas but it is still incomprehensible for most of the people. This article will enlighten you about the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to transform your life. In brief, it can be understood as ‘like attracts like’ or ‘you create your own universe’. We are responsible for every positive or negative influence in our lives even if we don’t realise it. The universe is filled with unlimited opportunities and infinite possibilities, we just have to make use of it. Positive thoughts attract positive results. Negative thoughts or actions result in negative outcomes. Buddha once said, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

Live your life to its fullest
Live your life to its fullest

The concept is easy to understand but difficult to practice. Here are a few tips to master the art of ‘ The Law of Attraction’.

  1. Say goodbye to negative thoughts: Even small changes in your thought process can bring huge changes. Be conscious of your thoughts. Don’t let negativity overshadow you. Whenever a negative thought arises, speak affirming words to yourself like ‘Everything is perfect and I will get positive results’. With time you will become more positive and self-appreciating which will result in positive outcomes. When there is doubt and worry in your mind, negative thoughts can easily arise so to stop it from arising, you must clear your doubts and must stop worrying. As Dalai Lama said, “To worry is to suffer twice’. Make a habit of thinking positively even in difficult situations.”
  2. Meditate your way to success by visualisation tool: Just 5-10 mins of meditation everyday while using visualisation tool can take you one step forward towards success. While meditating visualise that where you want to be in next 5- 10 years, then slowly and steadily focus on how you can get there. This exercise can bring more clarity in your thoughts. W. Clement Stone quoted, “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” There are several ways you can use visualisation tool to channel your thoughts for a successful outcome. You can even personalise the way you visualise according to your need.
  3. Take control of your life: Don’t just sail along the shore, take control of your life and make it work. Don’t wait for things to happen but make them happen. We have to work hard for what you want. Stop blaming others for bad things that happened to you. Take complete responsibility of your actions. When you give yourself the power to direct your own life, you also start making consious decision so that you don’t have to face any negative consequences in future. You are responsible for your actions, you tend to make better decisions but when we give this power in other’s hand, we tend to become more vulnerable to negativity.
  4. Let the Quantum Physics law bring you one step closer to your goals : We are the creators of our own happiness and misery. Once we realise this, we make better decisions which attracts better outcomes. All you have to do is to be positive and spread positive vibes around you. The rest will be handled by the Law of Attraction. The whole universe is connected to each other with invisible strings so we must encourage positive thoughts for a positive universe.

With these small changes you will see your life will transform in the way you want it. Take control, find a soulmate, job, change your thoughts, manifest your dreams into reality and get what you want by using Law of Attraction properly.

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