Launch of ‘Jawani Express’

Standing on his promise to launch new talent, Daler Mehndi has launched an album of Jasveer Singh, called ‘Jawani Express’, in Delhi’s The Lalit hotel. The album is launched through ‘Drecords’ a recording studio owned by the POP-KING Daler Mehndi. It consists of 10 songs and covers all genres of music. Till now only one song, called “Lutt gaya”, has been aired in video; other songs of album are expected to be aired within 2-4 months. Jasveer Singh, who comes from Gulbarg, has been performing and launched an album before locally. He is already a star in his region, but this is his debut as national singer, something that he was aiming at. He adds that it is obviously honor to be launched by a legend like Daler Mehndi but also it’s a challenge for him to meet the expectations of the audience and keep up the name of Daler Mehendi.

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‘Jawani Express’ is an album that says one should express their feelings before it is too late. It has dancing numbers, raps, emotionals songs, romantic and also a folk song. Jasveer Singh and Daler Mehndi proudly say that these songs can be heard along with the family, something that is lacking in music these days.


Daler mehndi, who is surprised about the album and tremendous change he has seen in Jasveer as compared to what he was 10years back, is glad that he launched Jasveer Singh and also sure that people will enjoy his voice and songs because they are very different than the music being nowadays. The Music Director of the album is Jasveer singh & S.Jaykumar, and the lyrics are also written by Jasveer Singh & Sahil Sultanpuri. The album would be in market soon for all the music lovers.


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