Laptop Buying Guide: 5 things to see when you are buying a laptop

All the necessary things you should keep in mind while buying a laptop, Details Inside

We all need a laptop at some point in life. Unfortunately, buying a laptop has become more complex than it should be, thanks to the thousands of laptops that companies avail in the market. Big companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus sell thousands of different types of laptops. It becomes very difficult to choose the right laptop with n numbers of options available. One World News recommends you 5 things to see when you are buying the laptop.

1. Better Screen

Always go for a laptop which has the best screen in a particular price segment. There are three things on which you can judge the screen of a laptop – panel type, resolution and size. If you have a budget of more than Rs 40,000 then you can get IPS display. Of course, you can’t get an Apple MacBook Air at Rs 40,000. Go for a full HD resolution 1080×1920 and a bigger screen size.

2. More RAM is better

If you want to have a decent experience go for 8 GB RAM. 4 GB is the absolute minimum. If you intend to do  lots of photo and video editing, go for a 16 GB RAM laptop.

3. Weight Matters

Why did we switch to laptops from the desktop systems, because we wanted the computer to be portable which can be easily carried? Carrying the laptop in your backpack can cause shoulder pain and other inconvenience, so look for a lightweight laptop which doesn’t trouble you when you are carrying it to your work or college. If you are buying the laptop mostly for home-use, then you can compromise with the weight.

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4. Why SSD and SSD cache is important?

Laptops with SSD or SSD cache are comparatively faster than the regular ones. If your budget permits, please go for these laptops even though you are settling for a smaller hard-disk. 500GB instead of 1TB.

5. Graphics Card

If you are going to play a lot of games on your laptop or even if you will use video editing software, then Graphic card is a must. More than the size of graphics RAM, the model of Graphic is important. GTX is better than GTS and GTS is better than GT for NVIDIA graphics. For AMD side, higher number in graphics card means better performance.

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