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Here is why The Lallantop’s Netanagri should be the go-to political program for political enthusiasts

Saurabh Dwivedi’s Neta Nagri should be on your watch list if you love politics


Although there are so many political programs available for political enthusiasts, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right program. There are times when you think that you are going to get a lot of information in a one-hour program but you end up with the known information again and again after investing an hour. Ultimately, you get very little information in the time in which you could have gained a lot more if invested this time watching something else. Today, we are going to suggest a perfect political program that covers almost everything that you seek. The Lallantop’s Neta Nagri which airs every Saturday morning should be your go-to political program if you want to get the weekly dose of political developments and insights.


Neta Nagri is hosted by journalistic-genius Saurabh Dwivedi

The show is hosted by one of the most balanced journalists, one can come across, Saurabh Dwivedi. An IIMC and JNU educated Saurabh hosts the show in which he talks with various political experts and gives insights that very few can give. His understanding of politics will amaze you and his rousing presence will keep you wanting for more from his mind-book. Banking on the knowledge from hundreds of books that he has read and amazing Hindi vocabulary, Saurabh Dwivedi will give something new every time.


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The show Neta Nagri which also featured Rajdeep Sardesai earlier was missing in the latest episode for the first time. The post has been filled by a young Lallantop journalist Nikhil Wath. Rajdeep and Saurabh used to talk about political developments or any other development which was somehow related to politics. In the absence of Rajdeep, Nikhil has taken up the responsibility.

The India Today Anchor, Rajdeep often shares inside information which he gets from his sources. He doesn’t necessarily agree with Saurabh, whenever he feels like putting a different opinion, he doesn’t shy away. The camaraderie between Saurabh and Rajdeep is not be missed as they keep taking a dig at each other but keeping the fun confined.


What do you get in Neta Nagri?

Apart from the basic political information from the entire week, the show host along with other guests talks about the issues in deep. The experience and contacts of the journalist are also used to decorate the content of the show. They usually discuss past stories, personal experiences, equations with a certain politician. The Lallantop also brings in experts of the specific beat, local journalists, and people who are familiar with the developments to give their inputs in the show.

The best part of the Neta Nagri Program is that nobody shouts here. Journalists discuss things, but they do not speak altogether. They have enough time to explain the developments in-depth and there is no hurry.

There is a specific segment in the show which gives great movies, series and books suggestion. They also discuss questions of people sent to them in detail. The show which started as a 30 minutes program has now become almost a 100-minutes program. These 100 minutes are full of political knowledge which won’t only educate you but also give you rare insights.

The only shortcoming of the program is that it is available only in Hindi.

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