Kylie Jenner ‘Super Healthy Diet Routine’ will give you fitness goals!

Parul Srivastava

Kylie Jenner has a super healthy Diet Regime, it will make you drop all your  junk food

Kylie Jenner had recently shared her healthy diet regime on social media, and it is something that every fitness freak should follow. When it comes to Jenner’s and Kadarshians, everybody wants to know everything about them. From the products they use to what they really have in their meal, their fans want to know everything.
Recently, beauty mogul of the clan Kylie Jenner shared her super healthy morning diet regime with all Instagram followers. Her routine is an inspiration for all the fitness freaks out there. It will make you drop your junk food habit right away.

Secrets of her beauty

She revealed that she has recently started consuming celery juice after getting to know about its benefits from Sister Kim Kardashian, who follows it regularly. She explained why it is good for health? She explained that celery juice has a high amount of Vitamins C and K and that helps in fighting cancer and liver diseases, reduces inflammation and boosts cardiovascular health. It also calms your nerves; it promotes weight loss, relieves migraine.

fter taking a 30-minute break, she takes her coffee, and then, she finally moves to something filling and satiating. She eats potatoes which are also her favorite vegetable. Previously, she had revealed that she makes all different kinds of potatoes, like scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, candied yams, etc.

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Her morning routine consists of:

500 ml celery juice

Coffee made with a mineral and vitamin-packed creamer and coconut milk

Mashed potatoes, ham and avocado

She starts off her day with some healthy diet. It is not easy to multi-task and be the face of a brand.  Striking a balance becomes even more difficult when you are a working woman. But Kylie manages to do it by keeping healthy and fit. To get good results, it is important to follow a strict schedule and diet.

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