Knowing Your Uber Surge Charge

Knowing Your Uber Surge Charge

Knowing Your Uber Surge Charge:- Remember when Uber use to show the rate and surge multiplier of the ride, before you would actually hit confirmation. Several politicians also talked against the surge charging of Uber. Users also showed disliking towards the surge sign and did not prefer Uber app for booking cabs.

Knowing Your Uber Surge Charge
Uber Application


However, with the upgradation Uber launched ‘upfront fares’ and scraped off surge pricing. Upfront fares enable users to know how much they are going to pay, aking the fair and easy deal. In addition, fares may go up sometimes when there is high demand of cabs but fortunately the new format that changes the surge multiplier exists. Though users are currently not clear with this format.


Let us consider a daily routine or familiar routine price that you already know will charge you around a hundred bucks. Uber readily shows more than a hundred bucks fare, you will without a doubt cancel the Uber cab and try some other transportation approach.

Buy what about the time when you are not familiar about the area or you are travelling to some other city. How are you supposed to check your apt price?

Knowing Your Uber Surge Charge
Uber glimpsing Google maps


A simple and quick fix for this is to tap on Google maps. Yes, Google maps will show you the fair pricing according to the distance travel. This is what you need to do – 1. Open Google maps and enter your pickup and drop destination.

2. Then, tap on the right option that is for hailing a taxi.

3. You will see Uber showings it’s original pricing results including this the presentation of surge charge (1.5x or maybe 1.4x) is also shown, below the original fare price is listed.

4. You can make a booking by tapping from Google maps as well, on the Uber app.

5. Folk that is all, you go brum! brum! This is still not foolproof, but if you are trying to see whether the fare is reasonable or not. This Google map trick will really help. Showing the surge upfront might be still an unpopular feature but hiding it this way is unfair, and hopefully, Uber will become more transparent about its pricing in the near future.

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