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Knowing the Color Therapy

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Chromo therapy also called the color therapy involves the use of positive effects of colors in creating a harmonious balance between the chakras or the body’s energy centers. The imbalance in the functioning of the chakras leads to a variety of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental ailments.


Sunlight is the source of color spectrum and every color vibrates at a specific frequency. These color vibrations transmit energy and balance the chakras or the body’s centers of energy.


Knowing the Color Therapy


Color therapy is believed to have originated in Ancient Greece and Egypt. In India, few references of color therapy are present in Atharva Veda.


The color therapy is known to elevate your mood, though process and promotes wellness. The mood-improving qualities of colors help in enhancing the quality of life.


What is the Connection between Color and Mood?


Colors are actually light energy at specific wavelengths and this is transmitted on your retina. Colors therefore, have direct impact on your moods, thoughts and behaviors.


When the color energy enters your body, it energizes the pineal and pituitary glands to release their specific hormones.


According to color experts white and blue color influence parasympathetic nervous system while red color affect the sympathetic system.


Violet– This color of the ‘vibgyor’ spectrum symbolizes creativity and is recommended for emotionally agitated individuals.


Indigo- Enhances courage, intellect and calms down disturbed minds.


Blue-Blue color is symbolic of serenity, nobility and veracity. But avoid wearing too much of this color as it can bring depression and sadness.


Green-This color represents harmony, sound balance and hope. It is indicative of serene pious environment


Yellow– is concerned with stimulation of intellect and feeling of cheerfulness.


Red-The color red is indicative of creativity, passion, vitality, power and energy. But too much of red renders a person aggressive and violent.


Orange-Being an energizing color it generates a warm effect and lifts your down spirit. A good color for raising the depressed moods!


The main aim of any therapy is to heal ailments. Colors have remarkable healing properties. They balance the chakras of the body and cures diseases. They interact with energy system and restores balance in emotional, physical, spiritual and mental abilities.


Color energy is a vibratory energy and can be used to activate a particular gland or organ in the body.


Diseases appear when the chakra or energy centers are disturbed; this can be due to any imbalance or blockage. The purpose of color therapy is to restore and revive the chakras via their specific color radiations.



Colors and Chakras:

Violet Energy rules the Crown Chakra.

Indigo Energy rules Brow Chakra.

Blue Energy rules Throat Chakra.

Green Energy rules Heart Chakra.

Yellow Energy rules spleen Chakra.


Orange Energy rules the Solar Plexus Chakra.


Red Energy rules Root Chakra.







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