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Live – In Relationship is not a bad thing: Here are few rules that you should know

India is known as its very diverse culture and tradition. Despite lots of influx of traditions and practices from other cultures, it has remained indigenous to quite an extent. The Indian society has also grown over the years and is still evolving and copying the west tradition. But it is still enveloped in its centuries old traditions and taboos. Now –a- days, the trend of live –in relationship is really catching up in India, especially in metro cities.

Live-in Relationship

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As everyone knows that India is kinda a slow country, where western ideas and lifestyles are the most crucial thing. In the Indian society, where marriages are considered a sacred bond between two people, neither accepts nor permits a boy and girl living in a sexual relationship without the obligations of marriage. Indian courts have understood the changing dimensions and very well accepted the increasing global trend of live-in relationships but not society.

Live-in relation is a stage of an arrangement where two people (a boy and a girl) who are not minor decide to live together in a emotionally and sexually relationship with their mutual understanding without being married. However, the legal status of such relationships is unclear but Supreme Court in a landmark decision in 2013 had ruled that a man and woman living together for a prolonged period shall be presumed married if not proven otherwise.

The apex court had also issued some guidelines to protect the women in live-in relationship under the

Live-in Relationship

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Domestic Violence act:-

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and ‘Relations in the Nature of Marriage’ (PWDVA) has been widely hailed as the first legal Act and it is the existence of non-marital adult heterosexual relations.

The period of relationship, shared household, pooling of resources, having children are some of the guidelines the Supreme Court had framed to “it would be determined the relationship in nature of marriage.”

The top court’s guidelines say, having babies is a strong indication of the “relationship in nature of marriage” and children out of live-in relationships will not be termed illegitimate.

Well, Society is formed by its culture and tradition and these are the main pillars of any foundation of society. India is the country of cultural values and it can’t afford to fall eventually in western ways. However, the above guidelines were just a part of Supreme Court’s ruling in cases of live-in relationship and there is no law to regulate such relations.

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