Know your rights: 10 laws that every Indian should be aware of!

Here are 10 Laws that every Indian should know

India is a country with proper legal structures but there are so many laws that Indians do not know. We must say there is nothing more empowering than knowing your country’s laws and rights. We never know when we need to put them in use. We all might be aware of some basic rules and laws but many of us are not aware of these laws which are mentioned below. So, here are 10 laws that every Indian should know.

Laws that every Indian should know
Laws that every Indian should know

1. In the case of cylinder explosion at your house you are entitled to pay Rs.40 lakh for cover!

Many of us are unaware that domestic LPG consumers are entitled to a cover of Rs.40 lakh in case of loss of life or damage to property due to cylinder explosions.

2. Only female officers can escort women to the police station

Yes, that’s true! No male officer can take you to police station between 6 pm to 6 am. You can directly refuse them. In case of a serious crime, a written permit from the magistrate is required for male officers to escort her.

3. The tax recovery officer can arrest and release you

Another important and unknown right. If you have violated any tax law, TRO has full right to arrest you but for that summon is required. The tax commissioner only decides how long can you be in custody, but your release will be decided by the TRO. This law is mentioned in Income Tax Act 1961.

4. Rickshaws, bicycles are exempted from traffic violation law

There is no traffic rules for non- motor vehicles like cycles or rickshaws, since they do not fall under the Motor Vehicles Act.

5. Women can lodge complaints via email

Another privilege added to women list. Guidelines issued by the Delhi Police entitle women to the privilege of registering a complaint via email or even through post if she cannot go to the police station.

Here is everything you should know about Indian Laws)
Here is everything you should know about Indian Laws

6. You do not have to pay the MRP, you can buy for less

MRP is the Maximum Retail Price. As consumers, you have the right to bargain for a price below that. However, a seller cannot go beyond the MRP. It’s your right.

7. 3 months in jail for PDA! (Public Display of Affection)

A lot of us have no clue about it. But be careful. Do not show your creepy side when you are in between the crowd. PDA within its limits is allowed but any obscene activity is punishable by law for up to 3 months. Since the word obscene has not been defined, couples are often harassed by policemen.

8. A police officer is always on duty, literally

No off for police officer, can you even imagine? The 1861 Police Act clearly states that a police officers is always on duty. If he or she witnesses an act of crime or if an incident is brought to their knowledge they cannot say, “I am not on duty” even if they are not in uniform. They too have given rests but they have to be ready always.

9. The no sex divorce

As funny as it sounds, if a husband or a wife refuse sex post marriage, it can be deemed as ‘mental cruelty’ and is a viable reason for divorce. But it happens.

10. If you have a son already and you are looking to adopt another then you cannot

You might be not aware of this but The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 clearly states that if you have a Hindu son , you cannot adopt another one. Same goes for a daughter. And the minimum age gap should be 21 years between the child and the adopter.

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