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Bigg Boss Chahte Hain, Know Who Is Real Bigg Boss & Other Popular VO Artists

Here are the popular VO Artists that have become part of our daily lives.

With people’s personalities, there is one thing which attracts us the most, that is Voice. You may not fit under the societal beauty standards but, if you have a charming voice then it can do wonders. Like this, there are some voices which we hear every day but really do not know who are faces behind them. Most of the voices become a mystery for us but today we are going to unveil them. The person who provides their voice to a character or narrates them is known as a voice-over artist. Their identity may not be that popular, but we bet you cannot forget their voice.

Here are the popular VO artists that have become part of our daily lives.

The Real Bigg Boss

“Bigg Boss Chahte Hai” these words must sound familiar, right? Whenever this sound echoes on our screens we get excited as it brings along a new twist and turns to the popular show Bigg Boss. But have you ever wondered who is the Bigg Boss? If not then we are introducing you to the voice behind real Bigg Boss. To everybody’s surprise, there is no single person who can be credited for the chilling voice of BB. There are 2 persons who had given life to Bigg Boss.

Vijay Vikram Singh 

Born in Kanpur Vijay Vikram Singh is the narrative voice of Bigg Boss. Now you must be wondering what is the narrative voice. Apart from the main Bigg Boss voice, the other narrations are done by Vijay Vikram Singh. Although many reports claimed that Vikram is the original Bigg Boss but that is not the complete truth.

Singh gives information regarding the time in BB house, information of the contestants, opening, closing, as filers and even can be heard in promos too. He has also acted in the famous Amazon Prime series The Family Man as Ajit. He has also acted in Mirzapur 2.

Atul Kapoor

Atul Kapoor is behind the husky voice of Bigg Boss or you can say he is the real Bigg Boss. Atul Kapoor is an Indian actor and voice-over artist. You are very much familiar with his command of Hindi and English languages. He is working as a VO artist since 2002.

Not only Bigg Boss, but Atul has also voiced in popular Hollywood films like Iron Man, Avenger, Captain America, and many more.

In the year 2006, he had started Voicing Bigg Boss and till now had maintained that pace.

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Metro Voices

“Darwaze bain or Khulenge, please mind the gap”

Every day we travel with these phrases. They have become an integral part of our lives. Yes! You guessed it right. We are talking about the voices behind the Delhi Metro.

Shammi Narang

Rini Simon Khanna is working as a voice-over artist for more than 40 years. at the age of 13, she started her journey hosting and producing radio programs on All India Radio. Soon she became the Prime-Time news anchor on Door darshan.

Rini had voiced several documentaries, ad films, feature films. She had also anchored several prestigious conferences, shows, seminars and even worked with UN agencies.

And now, she informs millions of metro travelers about the next station, guidelines, and where the door will open.

So, next time you hear metro announcements, do not forget the face behind them!

What are your thoughts on these popular vo artists? Mention below.

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