Know the Significance and History of Eid-ul-adha

History of Eid -ul- Adha: Do you know its significance

Doyou know the history of Eid-ul-Adha which is also known as Bakrid?  It one of the most popular festivals of Muslims. It is one of the 2 Eid which is celebrated by the Muslims, the other one being the Id-ul-Fitr. Bakrid is of great significance and considers holier of the two festivals.

History of eid -ul- addha

Significance and History of Eid -ul- Adha

Hajj is an annual pilgrimage to Mecca which Muslims devotees have to take once in their lifetime. This festival marks the final end of the hajj for Muslims. This day Muslims remember the sacrifice of prophet for the god which consider as a symbol of his faith and devotion in the almighty. This day they have bakrid, that is, a sacrifice feast in every solvent house of Muslims. The feast is cut into 3 parts in which 1/3rd is distributed among the poor, 1/3rd to their relatives and guests and the remaining 1/3rd is retained by the family. In this way, this festival promotes feeding the poor with a well-nourished meal for the day.

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History of Eid -UL- Adha

God once told his friend, prophet Ibrahim, the father of the prophet, to sacrifice a thing which is dearest to him to prove his love and faith in God. So on the command of God, prophet Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his only son Ismail. When prophet Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son the god’s angel called jibra’il (Gabriel) appeared and intervene by replacing his son with a goat and thus, propagating a message of sacrifice and divinity. The god chooses an animal over a human being and gave a message to treat a human being as supreme, equal and with respect, irrespective of their color, race, sex or financial status. Therefore, on this day Muslims help the poor and needy through donations.

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