Do you know the rules of #No- Shave November?

Things you should know about No- shave November or Movember

No- shave November or Movember is the annual event, which involves growing of beard for the entire month of November to bring men’s health in the spotlight. Men throw away shavers for the entire month to raise awareness of various cancers, such as prostate cancer. And donate money for cancer patients that one typically spends on shaving. Our Bollywood hotties are also following the no – shave norm and are making girls weak at their knees.

Do you know the rules of # No- Shave November?
Ranveer Singh with beard

When was this annual event started?

No – Shave November began in the year 2003 but at that time it was not attached to the men’s health. Notably, the event began when a couple of fellows from Australia observed that moustache has gone out of fashion. Wondering that whether ‘mo’ has gone they decided to hold an event called Movember, where every guy was supposed to grow his beard. The Movember foundation charity is officially operating since 2004 and since then they are holding events every year to raise awareness about cancer and depression among men.

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Four Rules that you should know about No- Shave November

  • Shave your face on October 31st and then grow your moustache for the entire month
  • Take a picture before you start growing your beard
  • Do not shave and trim for the entire month. Let it grow wild are free
  • You can finally shave on December 1st
Do you know the rules of # No- Shave November?
Ranbir Kapoor

No –Shave November and Bollywood

The craze of No –shave November currently at its peak in Bollywood and all hunks are seen growing their beards. The trend of not shaving for the entire month is followed by millennials of the country and also it’s celebrated out of the country with the same joy and enthusiasm. Well, Bollywood hotties are definitely rocking the no – shaving month. And here you all can also take tips from them and can look hot throughout the season.

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