Kissenger is here :Now you can ‘kiss and tell’

iPhone’s new ‘Kissenger’ let you connect

Technology has achieved things which were assumed to be impossible previously. Always shocking the ones at the receiving end, technology has now become the most relevant part of their lives. Well, Kissenger is here and now you can kiss and tell.

Apple Inc. emerged among the sea of the tech giants and make a distinctive name for itself due to the astonishing ideas they have come up with and keeping coming.

When nobody could have thought of a device like iPod and iPad, Steve Jobs presented the device to the world for real.

Every time when a new device by Apple is launched, people throughout the world are on edge anticipating what else could the giant bring up to make life little more interesting, a little better.

Well, this time Apple has come up with a device which surely will spark your interest. Call it a New Year present or just an experiment but this device which Apple calls, ‘Kissenger’ will surely take your fascination a notch higher.

Kissenger is here :Now you can ‘kiss and tell’
Kiss and Tell

As the name suggests, ‘Kissenger’ is a messenger which can transport your kisses to your loved ones. If having a face to face chat with your loved ones from distance was any less, Apple is now all ready to introduce a device through which you will be able to transport kisses.

‘Kissenger’ is a weird looking device that hooks up to your iPhone for virtual smooching experience. In order to use the device, both the users must have the device hooked to their iPhones while conversing.

The device once attached to the iPhone, the users can press their lips against Kissenger’s silicon pads containing force sensors and both users can feel the pressure pattern of their counterpart’s in real-time.

This virtual kiss in the ‘Kissenger’ is simulated by actuators beneath the pink rubbery surface that push and pull to reproduce the kiss.

The device is the brainchild of Emma Yann Zhang who is a haptic science student in the City University London lab. Emma wanted to develop a device which could help people maintain long-distance relationships.

It be soon launched in the market. No certain and official release date has been announced by Apple.

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