Key Eye Care Tips for Driving in the Rain

Here are some eye care tips which will help you to drive better in the rain.

As rain unleashes over our city, it definitely makes the climate cooler which is the only way to be relieved from the scorching heat. But there are some disadvantages accompanied by monsoon.

Monsoon season is a perfect home for infections and viruses to breed. Moreover, driving on roads becomes another challenge as we all are pretty much aware about the condition of road safety especially in rains. At this point of time our eyes play a major role. A perfect eyesight can make a huge difference between life and calamity.

Since your eyes have such an important task to do, it is very vital for you to treat them with care.

Here are some eye care tips which will help you to drive better in the rain.

  1. Keep your windshield clean

Eye Care Tips for Driving in the Rain

While driving in rain, there can be a sudden emergence of fog or water droplets can lower your visibility. This happens because the temperature outside the car is cooler compared to the temperature inside your car due to your body heat. So, it’s very important to keep your windshield clean. Using wiper blades with rain repellent coating will do a better job.

  1. Keep your glasses clean

If you wear glasses, it’s very common that your lenses become smudgy or smeary. So, there is a need to wipe it nicely. Some people may overlook this very often but a dirty glass can blur your vision while driving which could lead to a major mishap.

To avoid such a situation, it’s always advisable to clear your glasses with soap and water before you plan for driving.

  1. Glasses with Anti-reflective or non-glare coating

Eye Care Tips for Driving in the Rain

These are the special type of lens enhancement that is applied to the back and front surfaces of the lens. They are used to improve the transmittance of light as it passes through the lens reducing glare, reflections and even helps to improve the cosmetic appearances of glasses. They also help you to increase clarity.

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  1. Dry eyes treatment

One of the common problems our eyes face is dry eyes. The major cause of dry eyes has been prolonged screen time without blinking. Its symptoms could be irritation in the eye, scratchy eye, red eye and strain in eyes. This can lead to blur, glare and sensitivity issues. You surely do not want to deal with these issues while driving.  An optometrist can treat you from this condition and can prescribe you ways to keep your eye healthy.

  1. Eye problem symptoms

If you are experiencing eye problem symptoms like blurry vision, redness, double vision, eye pain or floaters, never ignore it. You may not be facing any major difficulty now but be a matter of concern in the near future. It can also cause macular degeneration which cannot be treated.

  1. Update your Eye Prescription

eye care tips

If you are suffering from any issue mentioned above then it’s time to update your eye prescription. Conditions like astigmatism and near-sightedness are more noticeable when it is rainy and gloomy. So, it’s always better to go for eye check-up before monsoon season sets in

  1. Wash your eyes after drive

You should always wash your eyes once you are home with normal and clean water. Make sure to clean your hands too before splashing water on your face as there can be any trace of infection in your car.

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