Kudos: This shop is selling masks at Rs. 2 & that’s what we need

Owners say that they have sold about 5000 at Rs 2 in last 2 days

After the outbreak of coronavirus, you might have visited your nearest shop many times, but wouldn’t have found sanitizers. If by some chance, few of you would have found sanitizers, then you must have paid extra bucks. Such is the demand for soaps and sanitizers that people are selling it at an increased price. HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) was criticized a lot on Twitter after it increased its price for soaps at the time of the epidemic. This is what happens when we panic around something, few people try to cash in. While One World News team was out in the streets for the public review, we found out that masks are being sold at almost double price.

Cochin Surgicals are selling masks at Just Rs 2 for more than 8 years

But there are some people who are showing generosity by helping people at the time of crisis. A surgical shop in Kerala, where coronavirus has impacted on a larger scale, is selling masks at just Rs 2. The shop has sold more than 5,000 masks in the last two days.

While talking to journalists, the co-owner of ‘Cochin Surgicals’ shop Nadheem said that they have sold more than 5000 masks at just Rs 2 each in last two days. “We decided to sell masks at a lower price especially to the common people like students and hospital staffs”, he said.

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The journalists also spoke to the other owner, Thasleem PK, who said “We are selling masks at Just Rs 2 for 8 years. But now, the price has increased everywhere. We bought the masks at Rs 8 or Rs 10 but we are selling them at just 2. Other sellers are selling similar masks at Rs 25.

It is so heartening to see honest and generous people like these shop owners coming forward at a time when the country needs them to. Rather than making a profit, they are actually trying to make a difference.

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