Keep your Skin Naturally Beautiful!


Impeccable and flawless complexion is every woman’s desire. The radiant shiny skin can do wonders for you. People spend exorbitantly in their pursuit to look good.


But the truth is that cosmetics can only make you beautiful externally it is the inner health that actually matters.


Your diet should include all the vital ingredients required to look charming.


Your skin radiates your inner health. Remember your health directly influence your skin.


The external environment is full of pollution and impurities. Theses contaminants render your skin hungry for proper nourishment.


Your skin can be healthy and glowing if you take care of incorporating good food in your diet.


So explore your kitchen for food stuffs that will make your skin radiate with energy and vitality.


Keep your Skin Naturally Beautiful!



Foods to Make your Skin Glow:

Oneworldnews tells you some useful and effective food items:


Tasty Carrots:

Being rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, fibre and vitamin C, carrots protect your skin against cancer and improve vision.


Fruits and vegetables keep your skin protected against wrinkles and invading infection. Sweet potato, tomatoes, etc. can replenish your skin and render it healthy and young.


Tangy Citrus Fruits:

Vitamin C present in citrus fruits is good for skin repair and enhancing immunity. Vitamin C prevents wrinkle formation and saggy skin. Vitamin C is present in good amount in lemon, oranges, tomatoes, peas, strawberries, potatoes, etc.



Omega-3-acids are found in fishes. The acids are effective in fighting free radicals and reduce inflammation. Skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis are treated by omega-3-acids.


Soy Food:

Another good food to help you delay aging is soy foods. Include it in your diet and be sure to stay healthy and fit. Vitamin E is found in soy food and it is a known fact that vitamin E promotes formation of new cells.



Tangy tomatoes contain lycopene, a substance capable of refilling antioxidants in your skin and retards wrinkle formation.


Lycopene is responsible for red color of the tomatoes- the redder the tomato, higher is its lycopene content.



Avocadoes contain the important vitamin B complex that is responsible for providing nourishment. Avocadoes are useful I soothing the blotchy and itchy skin.


Healthy Almonds:

High content of vitamin E provides almonds its unmatched properties as efficient skin moisturizer and keeps skin supple and healthy.


Dairy Products:

Dairy products such as cottage cheese and curd are good for maintaining bone health. Calcium and selenium found in milk products act as antioxidants for skin.


Mouth-Watering Mangoes:

Mangoes are filled with the goodness of vitamin A and are therefore ideal for tissue repair and maintaining skin healthy and glowing.



Water is the universal solvent and is the basis of life and vitality. It helps your body in eliminating toxins and other by products and flushes all waste away. Water is surely a panacea for all illnesses of your body.


Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily and see the wonderful aftermaths.


Adopt the above healthy regime and keep your skin flawlessly beautiful.


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