Keep the Secret Game On ! Few Things Which you should not tell anyone

7 Secrets you should not discuss with anyone 

Sharing your personal stuff with your close ones are good to some extent only. Well, few things are better off kept to ourselves and not shared with others. If you share all the personal stuff with others, it might cause unnecessary confusion or anxiety as well. Opening up about your secrets might lead you to question them and worry for no good reason. Everybody needs a side that is just for themselves.

Secrets of Life

So, here are few things that you should not discuss with anyone!

1.Your biggest goals in life: If you share these, those around you will confuse you by offering other points of view, while you are surely moving towards your goals. Others will suggest many more goals that might confuse you a lot. Do not listen to everybody else and do not let your courage to be worn down. Just listen to your heart!

2.The favors you do: Let the favors you did for people who were in a tough spot, charity, and generosity be your own thing only. If you are doing good to others do it by your heart. Talking about these randomly might hurt someone. If you are doing good deeds only to be able to brag about them later, it is better if you do not do them at all. It really does not count in that case.

3.Your lifestyle: Nobody cares which diet you are doing, how you exercise or sleep, how often you have sex, etc. Others are least interested in your lifestyle. If you have some things on track in your life and are feeling happy about it, you should not feel the need to establish dominance or make people jealous by using this. Do not live your life so that you can tell others about it. Everybody has their own way of doing things, as well as their own choices.

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4.Instances of heroism: Talking about your moments of bravery and heroism is another thing that will make you look like a jerk. It’s really good if you have done something out of the box but no need to tell it to everyone. We are all faced with difficulties in both our inner and outer worlds and we somehow try to cope with them. Do not take yourself too seriously, everybody has their virtues. The most common mistake is telling those stories as if you were not bragging about them, but just casually sharing them, sneakily boosting your ego.

5.The problems and conflicts in your family life: The more you talk about these, the harder it will become for you to solve them. The family is too personal so no need to discuss it with your friends or relatives. Some things are meant to be settled among those who have a strong connection with each other and are not to be exposed to others. Also, nobody can really help you to resolve anything. Everybody will say something different, which will confuse you at the end. Nobody knows your family as well as you do. So, do not involve anyone in your family issues.


6.Unpleasant facts you know about others: Do not talk about the things you heard or saw about others, especially if you are not completely sure about their truth. It is not your business; do not show interest or think about such things. You will only wear yourself out by doing so, but most importantly, you will also lose the trust of the people who you go and tell such things to. They will be reluctant to share anything with you. There are much more important things in life; everybody should mind their own business

7. Your biggest fears and weaknesses: Everybody is scared of something, and no matter how big and threatening it looks, we can all cope with it. Nobody is perfect in this world we all have some weaknesses but no need to share it with anyone. g for outside help  On the contrary, no matter how close they are, people like using such things against you. The course of action is not looking for solutions by sharing your fears, but being aware of them and having the courage to face them.

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