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Sex life normally changes after a heart attack but recently scientists have said that you can lead a normal active sex life even after a heart attack.


Simply modify your eating habits and lifestyle and add some exercise routine and you can enjoy your sex life!


As a heart patient you can face a little psychological problem.  Your apprehensions, fear, worries, and depression after a heart attack may mitigate your sexual desires.


Oftentimes even worrying about having sex can cause a heart attack.


Men who suffer from heart ailment often report of being impotent, premature ejaculation or even delayed ejaculation.


Drugs like diuretics and beta blockers are largely responsible for impotency or libido.


Normal sexual act is not a strenuous one and is quite less as compared to carrying heavy weight of 10-12 kgs. The maximum heart rate during sexual intercourse is around 120 beats per minute.


The load on heart depends upon the level of excitement and even the postures adopted during sexual act.


Oneworldnews suggest you to consult your cardiologist before resuming your normal sexual activity.


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