Karvachauth Sargi: How to control your temptations?

Karva Chauth Sargi: Proper fasting needs proper Sargi. These 6 hacks can be your saviour

Karva Chauth Sargi: India is known for its enriched culture and rituals. We celebrate various festivals in our own culturally specific way. As the festive season is on, one will encounter lighting and a beautiful atmosphere everywhere. On the eve of Karva Chauth, the environment suddenly changes to red, glittered with the bride-like beauties waiting for the moon to show up to break the fast, which is intended to show their love for their spouse.

In an Indian context, red refers to suhaag (husband). Before this festival’s arrival, all the suhagans (married women) get busy shopping, putting Henna on their hands, making this festival’s essence even stronger. On the other hand, newlyweds go from anxiety and worry to surviving their first-ever Karwa Chauth challenge.

Food items you should prepare for a Karva Chauth Sargi

Women starve all day and pray to ensure that God bless their suhaag with long life and safety. Most women, especially Punjabis, receive Sargi from their mother-in-law.

Sargi is an important pre-dawn meal prepared by the mother-in-law a day before Karva Chauth.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are full of water content. As the Karva Chauth vrat is nirjala, or without water, having a lot of fresh fruits can compensate for the loss of hydration. Don’t forget to add any citrus fruits you can get, along with pomegranates.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are full of nutrients along with energizing agents. Dry fruits are a part of every vrat or fast thali. Include cashews, almonds, raisins and pistachios in the thali.

Cooked food

Mathis, a light roti, a simple sabzi, and halwa are the cooked food items that should be included in the sargi thali. All these foods will make you feel full but do remember to eat as per your diet because having too heavy food could raise any indigestion issues.


Indian sweets are the most auspicious and satvik than anything. Starting the vrat with something sweet will give you energy and purity of mind, and you’ll feel energetic throughout the day.

Be sure to include this thali to make your vrat blessed and prosperous.

How to control your temptations?

Need not worry, ladies; after all, it’s your first long day fasting for your love. If you positively take this entire fast, you can easily resist food temptations.

1.  Festival of Karwa Chauth begins with sargi, meaning you have to eat the food of your choice before the sun rises. Eating healthy sargi will be easy for you to avoid for the next 12 hours. Try to intake maximum raw fruits and vegetables in sargi and avoid fried food as much as possible.

caption: (This may be mouth-watering, but you have to avoid eating such foods)

2. Don’t eat sugary and fried food during sargi because it can result in acidity for the entire day. Try to intake a glass of milk or dry fruits.

3. Ladies, while eating sargi, don’t forget to drink full glasses of water and juices. Because Karwa Chauth may result in dehydration, drink as much as possible.

4. In your Sargi preparation, instead of stuffing your bread slices with potatoes, Choose Cottage cheese (Paneer). This will keep you satiated for more time as it’s high in protein and has fewer carbohydrates.

5. Now, after completing the sargi challenge, another challenge that should be confronted

by ladies is to keep themselves away from food and water till the moon’s arrival. It’s better to engage yourselves ladies in spas or salons or spend maximum time with your spouse.

6. After breaking the fast, don’t drink a cup of coffee or tea. It might cause stomach aches. Instead, drink two to three glasses of water. Dinner should not be heavy; instead, go for light food even after breaking your long day fast.

Drink lemon juice after having your dinner

After dinner, one should definitely drink lemon juice for better digestion. It will help you to digest your food properly.

Enjoy your Karva Chauth Sargi, ladies; we wish you a very Happy Karva Chauth!

Edit- Ayushi Mittal

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