“Karo Matdan” tweets the King of Bollywood.


Shahrukh Khan mentions the Prime Minister, A Gratitude Gesture?

Twitter gets you the latest and the sassiest comment in the trend. What better than Twitter to make a public announcement or make your opinions heard and reviewed. Recently the greatest Bollywood star, Shahrukh Khan’s tweet on the topic motion of the time that is Elections has twirled the wind around.  He talked about the importance of voting to create awareness amongst the citizens. Apart from having a huge fan base, SRK is also known for his wisdom of words. He is one of the actors known for being morally and politically upright.

The tweet says to utilize the voting right, not just as a responsibility but as a power in hand. He mentions the name of PM Narendra Modi stating that he asked him to make the appeal in an interesting way so that it could reach a big mass. He also shared a video with a slogan of “Karo Matdan”.

People also have major doubts about Shahrukh deliberately using the name of Narendra Modi as a smart promotion technique. Probably on the other side, it was just the gesture of gratitude towards Narendra Modi. Elections in and around create a lot of sensitivity having hawkeye on every action of all the influencers. There are celebrities in a row tweeting about elections, parties, and awareness to vote.

But when it is about SRK every word does really count!

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