Candid Chat: Kapil Dev & Madan Lal share some untold stories of their cricketing career


Kapil Dev and Madan Lal came together for a special event at FICCI

Kapil Dev and Madan Lal came together for a special event at FICCI, New Delhi on Friday for a candid chat on their cricketing career. Both the world cup winning team members bared their heart during the event.  A senior electronic media journalist Vikrant Gupta was also present at the event. Vikrant Gupta asked a few  questions on current and history of cricket. On which both the cricketers were ready with some quirky and witty replies.

The event named ‘Cricket: Kuch Suni-Ansuni Baatein’ was brought by Harjinder Kaur Talwar, President of FLO 2019-20 and governing body members.

Both the former Indian players answered various cricket related queries of women-majority audience. Kapil Dev said that profit of BCCI is more than what it was in 1983. In comparison, Indian players are still less paid.  He also emphasized that it’s not fair to compare both eras as commercials have changed a lot now.

He said, “Now bowlers like Bumrah have put fear in other countries batsmen.  In our time, we were always threatened by Westindies and Australians batsmen who always scored lots of runs against us.”

Kapil Dev shared an interesting story where he said while talks of his marriage was going on, he was brought by his father-in-law to his father.  The father of his father-in-law asked about Kapil’s profession. The father-in-law replied,  he plays test cricket. The father again asked what he does for living.” The former captain added,  “Now things have changed, now when a groom plays in even in IPL, nobody asks more question and parents say yes easily for marriage.”

Vikrant Gupta said Indian society needs to see more sports other than Cricket

A woman said that India is one dimensional when it comes to sports. Media mostly covers cricket and neglect other sports. Vikrant Gupta replied that India doesn’t want to see other sports. He gave an example of Abhinav Bindra and PV Sindhu.  He said when Abhinav Bindra won the gold medal in Olympics, our TV rating was around 170 and in the finals of Cricket World Cup 211 the viewership reached to 2100.

He said, “We recently put an interview of PV Sindhu which has been seen by only 27K thousands till now while a small vlog from my home on MS Dhoni has more than million views.”  He added “People only talk about other sports but they don’t want to see more of it.  Society needs to change their thinking too. Media solely should not be blamed for not showing other sports.”

Women Cricket id growing: Madan Lal

When asked about women’s cricket, Madan Lal said,  “Women cricket is growing and now mother’s do come with their daughters.  BCCI treats women cricket equally to the men cricket. Same level of flight tickets and hotel are provided to women players. In next five years women cricket will yield better results.”

He added,  “Indian mother’s makes their kids coward by caring a lot about them.  Mother should not worry a lot about their kids and should let their children take some bruises and injury. These will make them strong” Mothers shouldn’t worry if their kids will get hit by a ball.”

Sports increases mental health of the athlete: Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev said, “Sports teaches  us how to face will and loss which increases the mental strength in real life. Kapil was hilarious throughout the event. When asked about how he felt before going for the World Cup in 1983, he said , “We didn’t think about winning the title because we never won before. It’s like unless you taste a chocolate you don’t know how good it tastes.”

He shared a story about her daughter that she said,  “If Ranveer Singh can learns how to speak like Kapil Dev then movie will become hit.  No need to perfect the bowling style.”

Kapil said that the match where Ben stokes won match for England by scoring last 73 runs alone is one of the top 5 best match ever played in the history of 200 test cricket.

While talking about the culture of India, he said, “Indian culture teaches that a senior player deserves respect. Even now if a senior player comes here I will stand in respect for him.”

The former Captain of India also added that players and cricket spectators and players have matured more than before. Players shake hands now after the match is finished. We used to go back to pavilion directly without shaking hands with other team once the game was over.  There has been a change in society about sports. Now parents support sports. Playing cricket makes one’s life better. Students with 60% marks can get admission in sports quota while general students can’t get it even with 98%.

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