Kannada actors drowned in a lake during a film shoot

Shocking! Kannada actors drowned in a lake during a film shoot

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Two young Kannada actors drowned in a lake: Reports

Shooting stunts can be really dangerous for actors if they do not possess all the safety equipments; same happened with two young talented Kannada actors during a shoot of the film. Two Kannada actors reportedly drowned in a lake. Notably, the stuntmen were shooting for the climax scene of the film, and they went missing after 100-feet free fall from a helicopter

Stuntmen Anil and Uday, while shooting for the climax of Masthigudi, never surfaced after they jumped into the lake. Only the lead actor, Duniya Vijay, managed to make out alive as he allegedly had access to a life jacket.

As per reports, stuntmen were not given life jackets or any safety equipment to perform the stunt. It’s a tragic incident to lose a life in real to capture a moment for a reel show.

Sometimes in order to make film success directors and makers of the films opt for many serious and difficult stunts.

Kannada actors
Anil and Uday

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Not a first incidence that took place

Notably, this painful incidence is not the first time which occurred. Earlier also one of the finest actors of the industry had lost his life while shooting for a stunt scene.

Rewind 36 years and the incident that shook Mollywood and the entire nation was left stun after the sudden demise of Krishnan Nair aka Jayan. In an incident similar to what took place on Monday in Bangaluru ,Jayan died after an explosion during a shooting.

Jayan was a well- known stunt performer in ear of 70’s. Notably, he had acted in over 120 Malayalam films. With every passing hour the hope of finding two actors, Anil and Uday, is gradually fading away. Both drowned and now feared dead while shooting for the forthcoming Kannada film MastiGudi, starring Duniya Vijay.

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