7 qualities that make Kanhaiya Kumar a great orator

Decoding the 7 qualities of Kanhaiya Kumar that you can observe in his speeches

Kanhaiya Kumar emerged from Student politics after the JNU outburst in 2016 and now is a well-known face in Hindi belt. He might have failed to conquer the Lok Sabha seat from Begusarai, Bihar but he surely has made a fan-base for himself. The CPI leader is known for his fearless speeches and debates which has attracted a lot of non-right wing supporters. He is a monstrous hit on Youtube and is a views-puller for Youtube channels. Recently, his debate with Amitabh Sinha on JNU violence, hosted by famous journalist Rajdeep Sardesai was trending on top on Youtube. Today we are decoding 7 qualities of Kanhaiya Kumar which make him a good leader and a great orator.

1. Enthusiastic Speaker

Nothing can match his enthusiasm when he gets a mic in his hand. He speaks with a great passion, energy and looks committed on whatever topic he is speaking. The biggest achievement of his oration is that he involves the audience with the great use of his vocal range.

2. Works on Facts

You will rarely find him speaking nonsense. He keeps his facts and figures correct. Kanhaiya Kumar has a unique way of presenting his words but he never leaves the path of the main gist and follows the topic truthfulness. He uses the statistics, history, basic issues in his sentences which fulfils the required elements of a good speech. Kanhaiya also keeps the speeches relatable.

3. Defeats the ‘Outcast’ tag

It is no mystery that Kanhaiya is called anti-national, anti-India, Tukde-Tukde gang, pro-Pakistan by a majority of people including many media channels. Kanhaiya manages to deal with all these sorts of allegation even on national television. His biggest defence against these allegations is- ‘BJP is in the centre, Prime Minister is from BJP, President is from BJP, BJP rules majority of states, BJP controls Delhi Police but still they haven’t managed to put an anti-national (Kanhaiya) behind bars’. He has cornered the likes of Sambit Patra (famous spokesperson of BJP) and many other opponents for the same allegation.

4. Has Great Knowledge

There is no doubt that Kanhaiya Kumar speaks with great confidence. This confidence comes in him because of his vast knowledge. He never misses a chance to get the better off his opposition by putting relevant facts and figures.

5. Knows the opposition

The 33-years-old CPI leader does his research properly. Before going to a debate, he conducts thorough research on the opponent and then uses the information against them while debating. This gives him an upper-hand in any discussion. However, sometimes he launches personal attacks on the opponent, which is not described as a healthy practice.

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6. Sarcastic  

If you listen to him carefully, you will notice that he has a great sense of humour. He delivers some amazing one-liners during the speech or debate which creates a laugh riot among the audience.  He surely knows how to lighten the environment with easy one-liners like ‘Whatsapp University ka Data hai’ (Did you aquire this data from Whatsapp University) or ‘Itna Jhuth mat Boliye ye Sahab’ (Don’t lie this much Sir) or ‘Mota Bhai’. His Bihari accent works like icing on the cake.

7. Knows his limits

The best part about Kanhaiya Kumar is that he knows his limits. Even though when he goes to an English-based event, he speaks to his strength- Hindi language. The former JNUSU President believes that he could never hit that chord in English which he can in Hindi. Kanhaiya knows he could leave more impact in that language in which he is more comfortable. Although he couldn’t speak the Hindi language in the most-recognized-accent, so he sticks to his Bihari accent. He calls Amit Shah- Amit Sah (struggles with Sa and Sha like many Purvanchalis).

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