Dear Kangana putting down people will not make you a ‘Queen’

A ‘Real Queen’ doesn’t malign others

She is fierce and confident. Her unconventional choices make her best from the rest. Yes, we are talking about B-Town’s queen Kangana Ranaut. Be it professional or personal, Kangana has always proved, she is a woman with strong opinions. She has an opinion, and she always puts it across. Honestly, we love her for that. From the past few days, she is making a lot of headlines, the way she always does. Reason? Of course, her controversial statements on her fellow fishes.

From Tapsee Pannu, Swara Bhaskar to even Jaya Bachchan, she went on to pass some mean comments.  Kangana’s choices of words are hitting a new low every day. She has an opinion on everything and that’s good, but why can’t she respect other’s opinion?

Okay! What’s wrong is wrong, but is it important to tweet hate comments every time something happens? She calls herself a feminist, right? Was it fair to call Urmila Matondkar a Soft Porn star? Was it fair to call Yogita Bhayana a medieval aged woman?  She even went on to call Sonam Kapoor Mafia Bimbo? Between the ongoing investigation, she called Rhea Chakraborty a small-time druggie? Using words like depression ka dhandha is regressive and shameful. A real feminist w’ill never do that. Stop vilifying other women. You cannot demand respect when you are not ready to give it to others.

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There is a list of controversy, where she passed nasty comments on her colleagues in the industry.  Her sister Rangoli called Tapsee Pannu a sasti copy, Swara Bhaskar was called B grade. Kangana had a major fall out with Sonu Sood during Manikarnika shoot. Kangana even had an ugly fight with a journalist when she said, “Itna ganda kaise soch lete ho.”

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(Fierce and confident)

I want to ask why Kangana, why? It seems you have a problem with the entire industry. How is this possible? You haven’t come across a single good person in Bollywood? Can’t you be grateful to people who offered you work during the initial years of your career? The point is- Yes, there are people who are not open to working with outsiders, there are camps, and star kids do get more opportunities. But that doesn’t mean you will generalize everyone.

You are a self-made star, nobody is denying that, but you are not the only one. Be it Pankaj Tripathi, Late Irrfan Khan, Late Sushant Singh Rajput, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Anushka Sharma, Tapsee Pannu, all have left a mark with their phenomenal work.

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There is always a way to put across your views and raise your voice. Always putting down others cannot prove your point. And when you give out your opinion, people will react. There should be no personal attacks. Just to cite an example when Jaya Bachchan spoke in Parliament, did she take anybody’s name? Was it okay to drag Abhishek Bachchan and write “agar who latka hua milta toh?” This is how you want to lead the cleanup drive? Before calling out others, clean your Tweets and clean awful words from your vocabulary.

(Queen of controversy)

Yes, it is important to choose our icons wisely. Don’t forget many youngsters follow you, they look up to and when you use such language, they can get influenced. They might think using foul language is okay. Also, Kangana don’t you think it is a time when we need to make our young people aware of other important issues rather than this Bollywood debate?

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