What is Kangana’s Obsession with Karan Johar? Why can’t she spare Karan from any tussle she dwells in

If Kangana had to call out Diljit, why was it required to bring Karan Johar’s name in the quarrel?

It is not a surprise now to find Kangana outrightly speaking on Twitter. In the past few months, perhaps her quarrels with different groups and communities have come into wide notice. Ever since we lost the Bollywood actor, Shushant Singh Rajput, Kangana has been very vocal about her take on nepotism, further ended in a tussle with Uddhav Thackeray’s government, then kept poking her nose in Rhea Chakroborty’s case, Anurag Kashyap’s case on him being alleged for sexual assault charges, then with her comments on the web illustrator, Priyanka Paul, then on Bilkis Dadi and now, Diljit Dosanjh. Well, all of these happened this year only and in a few of them, she took Karan Johar’s name and we really wonder why does she always brings Karan Johar’s name in her spat always?

The very recent spat is Kangana calling Diljit Dosanjh, “Karan Johar ka paltu” while retweeting Diljit’s remark on Kangana’s statements on Bilkis Dadi, who according to Kangana, protested against CAA-NRC and now is protesting with the farmers. Diljit shared a video of Manjeet Kaur, who Kangana calls out to be Bilkis dadi. Replying to it, Kangana wrote this.


Well, here the most unnecessary phrase used is “Karan Johar ka paltu” which she has precisely used in a very derogatory sense. But why was she required to even use that. Where Diljit is not even a product of nepotism, neither has he got any big break from Karan, so why and from which angle, does this comment “Karan Johar ka paltu” makes sense to Kangana is something only Kangana knows.

But this act of Kangana rolling Karan in her own spat is not very new. The tussle is on since 2017 precisely or maybe even before. In an episode of Coffee With Karan, Kangana called Karan Johar, “Flagbearer of nepotism” and post that, both of them did end up being not very friendly with each other. Post that, both of them did talk about each other in several instances, and there was a point where they claimed to end the fight. But it didn’t get to an end.

Now, with the demise of the Actor, Shushant Singh Rajput, Kangana gave a statement marking out Karan Johar who declared Shushant as a flop actor and ensured that Drive was never released in theaters. She even claimed that Karan was trying to fulfill the agenda of his friend, Aditya Chopra, to destroy Shushant’s career, the Hindustan Times reported.

Kangana has always been complaining about nepotism but is Karan the only one who should be alleged of it? Also, what were these claims?

In an interview with Republic TV, Kangana outrightly said that she will file complaints against Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhat saying that Sanjay Leela Bhansali for chasing Sushant for two films but claimed Yash Raj Film did not allow it. We may try to understand Kangana’s will for getting justice for Sushant, but seriously, what are these claims? Shushant didn’t leave any note for why he chooses what he has chosen. How can she claim so? The Pinkvilla reported.

Before this, she went on to tweet saying that the government should take back Karan’s Padma Shri, she said, “he openly intimidated me and asked me to leave the industry on an international platform, conspired to sabotage Sushanth’s career, he supported Pakistan during Uri battle and now antinational film against our Army”, ABP News reported.

Post that, after Kangana’s office was attacked and destroyed, she tweeted, Come to Udhav Thakeray and Karan Johar Gang you broke my workplace come now break my house then break my face and body….”, ABP News reported.

Well, we really don’t know what Kangana has on her mind. Her spatting Karan Johar in her ruckus is as baseless as the ruckuses themselves. The recent spat was in the Twitter war with Diljit, neither her arguments with Diljit make sense nor her bringing in Karan in the battle with Diljit. But it is Kangana only who would know what she has been doing and why she has been doing so.

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