It’s not Kangana vs Shiv Sena on TV, it’s death of journalism and core issues

Kangana’s Bullet is flying on Shiv Sena’s fuel; soon she will reach the destination

Coronavirus cases have touched more than 46 lakhs in India, and the cases are rising on a record number. With no sign of cure in near future, massive job losses, the biggest ever contraction in GDP, border-tensions with China, a distraction is what we are fed by the majority of mainstream media. The most unfortunate thing is that they are using a dead man for it.

Sushant has become more or less irrelevant now, and the story has taken a totally different route. It is about to be three months since the fateful demise of a promising Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Initial investigation suggested the deaths as a case of suicide, but later the theory was dissolved among the fans and Bollywood enthusiasts when Kangana Ranaut posted videos of herself alleging that it was a murder and not a suicide.

Media has kept delivering twists and turns with a supply of gossip and when people got hooked, they are trying to find out more and more. Now, that three topmost central agencies of the country- CBI, ED, and NCB are involved, media is finding more sources to quote. The debate which started with nepotism reached drugs and is now giving fuel to Kangana vs Shiv Sena debate.

Kangana’s bait misjudged by Shiv Sena

Kangana made a bait by making outrageous statements to draw attention towards her. First, she attacked the Bollywood industry, and then she attacked Maharashtra government. The film industry, as always, couldn’t find the courage to publically speak but Shiv Sena took the bait. Both the party started exchanging not-so-ideal conversations.

And when the media covered her initially, it gave Kangana a higher profile and more energy to make even more provocative statements, even personal comments. The mainstream media, always desperate for a show to keep their circus going and their audience satisfied, amplified the noise.

It seems like Kangana Ranaut has found a nice launch pad in Sushant Singh’s death. Her public profile has become brighter and bigger. Even the grandfather debates at parks and tea shops are discussing Kangana. The talented actress is no more the wronged lady who only explodes just when there is a discussion of nepotism, she has now genuinely found a counterweight place against the biggies of the Bollywood.

People now believe that she has outgrown the industry and is set to play a bigger role on the other side of the screen. Given the choices of her enemies, it is clear where is she heading. Although, if she quits the film industry, it would be a big waste of talent and a huge loss to Bollywood as she rules it whenever she appears on the screen.

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Is there a BJP connection to Kangana vs Shiv Sena    

The ruling coalition government supporters think that Kangana is doing all this at the behest of the BJP and has the full support of the party, leading the country. Circumstantial evidence of Home ministry giving her Y-plus security, a political move to highlight the potential threat to her and former Maharashtra CM, Devendra Fandnavis defending her by calling the BMC’s action of demolishing Kangana’s office an “act of revenge and cowardice,” do give us some hints. Other BJP members too have supported her.

In case you don’t know, the Sena-dominated Mumbai Municipal Corporation known as BMC had demolished her office, even when her petition for stay was being heard, which later became successful. But, by that time, it was too late. Her office was already demolished by then. This level of efficiency by the BMC has been missing for decades.  The vendetta is obvious. You can find hundreds of people from Mumbai complaining about street lights, pits on roads, waterlogging. BMC is mostly not this efficient like it was in demolishing her office.

However, this is not the first time BMC has taken action against high profile people. Earlier, when Kapil Sharma tweeted that he was asked to give 5 lakh bribe, some portions of his property were demolished. Malishka Mendonsa, a popular radio jockey who is also known as RJ Malishka, when sang a song about Mumbai’s struggle during the rains, BMC immediately informed her that mosquitoes were breeding in her mother’s apartment. A Sena corporator even demanded a Rs 500 crore defamation suit against her.

The Shiv Sena leaders should forget all about her and rather talk about how they will manage the problems caused due to pandemic. When sworn-in as CM, Uddhav Thackeray was praised, even his actions to control the coronavirus in the early days were appreciated. Now, the whole ruckus of Kangana vs Shiv Sena has dented his image in non-Shiv Sena political enthusiasts.

Uddhav needs to direct his leaders to cool it down and refrain from giving fuel, Kangana craves for. And they also need to inject a message that Shiv Sena is a party for all those who live in Mumbai and not just the native Maharashtrians.

On the other hand, we won’t be surprised if Kangana Ranaut jumps into politics in the coming days.

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