Kane Williamson was the real Baazigar in World Cup “Jo Haar Kar Bhi Jeet Gaya”

Kane Williamson
Kane Williamson Smiling even after losing finals of World Cup 2019

Admiration for Kane Williamson has increased hundreds time more

England defeated New Zealand in a nail-biting thriller last Sunday and made history. Eoin Morgan’s team won the World Cup for the first time in more than 45 years.  But more than England’s win, people were talking about the loss of New Zealand. Cricket fraternity all over the globe lauded the effort of blackcaps. New Zealand captain Kane Williamson who carried the team single-handedly in batting department till final was named man of the tournament.

Most people cry and feel tormented but Williamson kept his cool and smiled

After Guptill failed to make 2 runs of the last ball in super over, the commentator said “New Zealand in agony”.  Let me clear things here, the team was upset no doubt, but Captain Kane Williamson redefined the acceptance of defeat. Most people cry and feel tormented but Williamson kept his cool and smiled on the victory of opponents. His eyes had sadness poured in it but he kept twinkling in one of the hardest time of his life.

There were some bad decisions taken in the finals which affected the game badly. There was a situation in the match in the last over when Ben Stokes was running for two and while he was returning for the second run, Martin Guptill’s throw hit his bat which went to the boundary. Umpire Kumar Dharmasena signalled 6 runs which brought the equation to 3 needed of 2 balls. Most of the captains would have argued for the clarification looking at the context of the game. Kane calmly accepted the decision. The Six run decision was later criticized by the cricket experts. Even former legendary umpire Simon Taufel said that one run was given extra as batsmen hadn’t crossed each other when Guptill threw the ball.

Williamson is the new Baazigar “Jo Haar Kar Bhi Jeet Gaya”

New Zealand lost just by a whisker but they have won the hearts of people. There is a famous dialogue in Hindi cinema “Kabhi Kabhi Jeetne Ke Liye Kuch Haarna Padta Hai… Haar Kar Jeetne Wale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hai” (Sometimes to win you must be prepared to lose … and one who ends up winning the end game even after losing, is called a maverick). Sunday scenes were the same for the unbelievably calm and composed Kane Williamson. We all knew his potential as a cricketer but the finale of the World Cup shown how great human being he is. Admiration for this man has increased hundreds of time more after the loss. People who follow cricket will now see Kane Williamson from different glare.   

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