Kamwali Didi & Kudewale bhaiya have names & every profession deserves ‘Respect’

Charity begins that home, let’s take small steps to bring big changes: Call them with their names, not as Kudewale bhaiya and Kamwali Didi


There are so many things around us that we want to change, but hardly do anything to change it.  But as they say – ‘Change begins with you’. One should take it seriously because your small steps are capable of bringing a big change in society. One such change is about ‘Respecting every Profession’. Before I proceed further, let me share an incident with you all.


It was wee hours of Monday and I was about to begin my office work. At 9:30 am the call bell rang, it was our house help at the gate. I opened the door and told her to use sanitizer. After that,  I quickly went back to my room and opened my laptop and settled down. After some time, one of my colleagues called me to get some information. To tell her that I had to go to another room and since our maid was cleaning the house I couldn’t go. The next thing I told my colleague  was “ Hang on abhi kaamwali didi kaam karke chali jaye toh I will call you back.”  After I hung up the phone, she said, “Mera naam Reeta hai”. And that hit me hard. I realized my mistake. On that day, I decided that I will call everyone by their names because our Kaamwali bai and garbage men have names.


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(Everyone deserves Respect)

The small incident taught me that a lot of times we hurt others without even realizing, especially to the ones who are integral parts of our lives. Can you imagine your life without your house help? If we don’t have garbage men or women who will keep our cities clean? Have you ever wondered? No, right? A place where we can hardly stand, these people actually work there.  Respecting every profession is important because everyone is contributing to society in their own way. Treating others will respect will cause no harm to you, and it can actually boost someone’s morale.  In a country, where people are obsessed with professions like doctors and engineers, these people hardly get any respect.  But as they say it’s never too late. You can start now and remember change begins with you.  Sanitation worker, your househelp, waiter or a sex worker – every profession deserves ‘Respect’.


(Change begins with you)


New age India is witnessing a change in terms of acceptance, profession and the perspective towards. The younger generation in India believes in equality and they know how to empathize with others.  Things have changed but there is a lot that has to be done. Let us encourage each and every profession and make this society a better place for everyone. Pass smile, treat them well and call them by their names. These small steps can make a big impact.  Professions are often connected to the caste system of India. People have this notion that the least respected profession often belongs to Dalits. This whole practice also glorifies casteism in India.  Respecting profession will not only give them a sense of belonging but will also help in reducing the impact of castes in our country.   Let us send out a message to everyone “ Koi Kaam chota nhi hota”. We know – It’s easy to preach but difficult to practice. But one step at a time. Start right away.

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