Kamal Hassan’s tongue should be chopped: Tamil Nadu Minister


Kamal Hassan has been receiving lots d criticism for his remark

Recently Kamal Hassan erupted a controversy calling Nathuram Godse the first extremist after India’s Independence who also happens to be a Hindu. The actor turned politician Kamal Hassan has been attacked by Tamil Nadu Minister KT Rajenthra Bhalaji who said that Kamal Hassan’s tongue should be chopped off for talking about Hindu and Muslim.

Extremism has no religion: said KT Rajenthra Bhalaji

He said, “His tongue should be cut for his sensitive remark on religion as extremism doesn’t belong to any specific religion be it Hindu, Muslim or Christian.” Milk and dairy product Minister said to PTI.

Earlier Kamal Hassan has said that “I am not saying this because I am standing here in Muslim majority area; I am saying this because I am standing here in front of Mahatma Gandhi. He said that “Nathuram Godse was the first terrorist after India’s Independence who was a Hindu”

His remark created quite some controversy and people all over India are gussing about it. A senior leader from AIDMK Mr. Bhalaji also showed his desire for a ban on Kamal Hassan’s party for “spreading violence”.

Vivek Oberoi has also attacked Kamal Hassan through a tweet

The Bollywood actor who has campaigned for BJP and is the lead actor in the biopic of “Narendra Modi” also lashed at out veteran actor and tweeted ‘Dear Kamal sir, you are a great artist. Just like art has no religion, terror has no religion either! You can say Ghodse was a terrorist, why would you specify ‘Hindu’? Is it because you were in a Muslim dominated area looking for votes? @ikamalhaasan’.


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Bhartiya Janta Party has been using the term “ Hindu Terror’ at times during their election campaigns alleging Congress of trying to defame the country by coining the term when they were in power.

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