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From Proving Kalam Against Quran to Finding Nandi Idol under Mosque, a list of Fake News of this Week

Fake News of the Week: Proving Kalam Against Quran, Finding Nandi Idol Under the Mosque and others

In the social media world, if there’s anything that travels faster than news in the Fake News. Every day, we come across funny, shocking and absurd incidents from around the world on social media and we wonder if the magnitude of fake news if we don’t fact check. Here’s a list of fake news that floated last week.

Fake News of the Week: Proving Kalam Against Quran, Finding Nandi Idol Under the Mosque and others

Finding Nandi Idol Under the Mosque

Fake News: A photograph of Nandi Idol found buried in the earth claimed that it had been recovered from below a mosque. The photograph was tweeted by one Rajeev Tuli who said, “This is the truth of every Islamic tomb or mosque,” with more than 2,800 retweets in his post.

Fact: The Alt News fact check found that the large Nandi idol was evacuated at Mohanur’s Sellandiamman Temple in Namakkal district. It also found that the image was first posted on social media on 1 September 2021, stating it’s from a temple in the district of Namakkal.

News Clipping Claims Kalam Against Quran

Fake News: A newspaper cutting shows a statement saying the Quran is used to educate madrasas religious intolerance and advocates it should be banned to control terrorists was shared on social media. The Hindi quote has the photograph of APJ Abdul Kamal. The popular opinion on social media is that Kalam believed the same about Quran.

Fact: The Quint’s Webqoof found that there is no such evidence of Kalam making any such statement. Extensive research on filtering by time of Google made them land across a blog post dated 14 December 2014, which is attributing the quote to Quran. APJMJ Sheikh Saleem, APJ Abdul Kalam’s Grand-Nephew further spoke to The Quint stating that Kalam never made such a comment.

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Photo From Bangladesh coupled with Recent Assam Boat Accident

At Nimati Ghat in Assam’s Jorhat, two passenger boats with around 120 passengers collided in the recent accident. After the collision, one boat had chapped.

Fake news: Social media users have uploaded/ shared a photo of people standing beside a waterbody with numerous dead covered in white fabric surrounding them, claiming that it is the aftermath of the boat accident in Assam on September 8th.

Fact: The image floating is of a passenger boat carrying 50 passengers that sank after colliding in Bangladesh’s Buriganga river, killing at least 23 people and leaving numerous more missing.

The fact was shared by Journalist Rokibuz Zaman and the reverse image search is also shown in the report by NDTV and Reuters proving that the image is from Bangladesh.

Unrelated images of Pakistani Jets Over Panjshir Aired on News

Fake News: As rumours that the Taliban had totally conquered the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan surfaced, several Indian news stations such as Times Now, Republic TV, and Times Now Navbharat showed various clips of airborne fighter planes.

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Fact: The Quint’s Webqoof found that the first video is footage from a game called ARMA-3 and the second one. The second video depicting a fighter aircraft flying low over mountainous terrain was taken in the Mach Loop in Wales, Uk which is a tourist place.

Baloch girl holding girl aired claiming she is at Panjshir, Afghanistan

Fake News: On September 3, Zee Hindustan tweeted a video of a girl firing a machine gun, claiming to have taken up weapons against the Taliban in Panjshir.

Fact: A reverse image search of a still from the video reveals that the original in a tweet dated January 28, 2020.

A youtube video shows scenes from Pakistan’s Balochistan province where this young girl is operating the machine gun.

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